We have choice about how a child’s life is shaped after ABUSE #HelpHere


11057937_10154338472044852_1901245114676826891_nThis is a subject close to my heart. I had a good loving Childhood but many scars remain from things no little boy should have seen or was shown. I am disabled today by ‘what we think’ was from my Childhood. I have amazing parents, they are not the issue. I write about how Kids die in Wars, how kids are abused by ‘Alleged’ people in high places. This page when I seen it I couldn’t not share it, I had to share. You may have had a good childhood but please understand there are kids in the UK/Scotland/Wales/Ireland and all over our World suffering some form of abuse today. DO THE RIGHT THING AND TRY AND HELP THOSE KIDS. I plead for the human side of you to help be it in a big way or small, the deal should be ‘As long as we do help. Sadly many will walk right past this issue because they have never understood the pain we are trying to help. You need not understand the pain, just know it exists and YOU CAN HELP. Do the right thing, please.

You can sign the petition here: http://e-activist.com/

NSPCC: Facebook Page


Every child should receive the right support and care after abuse. Far too many don’t.

Add your voice to our campaign
Together we can change this



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