A Song To My Family



“Shaun you really don’t care what you say or write” is what I hear often from people, even family. It was my choice to be where I am, it was my choice to live this life as you live yours. Don’t think either of us did wrong, all it was, was life. We become and that is all it is. I can’t connect with some people and others I connect with easy, you saying you find things different? I don’t hate anyone but I do miss many of you. I think back 20/30 years ago and remember we were not ruined by disfunction and issues we played no part in. Some events happened by selfish people and it tore us to bits. Do I hate them? No, I just wish they would try to admit then fix the problems they causes, because make no mistake they made bad decisions. I get so much grief from family but in reality the only things these family see of or from me are on this page. So who am I hurting? The answer is nobody, you decide and define and many are left in the middle. Today I don’t care really but a small part of me wished several events didn’t cause what it did. I am happy and I pray you are too.. And a few friends may be added here. Non medicated and stronger minded Shaun is waking up to the truth, but I have my life my love and all I need right here. So I will live it. Just leave me be, I want no part in your hate any more, I am not above you or below you, but don’t think I have forgotten the actions of many of you for what you did to many of us who you left hurting. I said it, now you can go and hate again and I won’t know because you are cowards. If you think this is aimed at you, it is. If you KNOW this isn’t aimed at you, I love you all the same. Where did life take us? Where did it go oh so wrong?

Wiz Khalifa (feat. Charlie Puth) – See You Again | LYRICS
Via Ibro Brulic on You Tube


We all took our own paths

We all took our own paths


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