Dear Reasonless No Voters – A Message From The Caring Yes Voter

Why do no voters look so unhappy?

Why do no voters look so unhappy?

Users Edward Odonnell and video source James Dwyer, is where I got this superb video from. I ask for a second you don’t place yourself or define yourself before you view this video. I ask you remove yourself from any political leanings and you’re like or dislike of any 1 person. What I am asking dear reader is you just be human, see this from a purely human viewpoint, strip everything away and only see humanity and a hard truth for some in this video.

[VIDEO] Nicola lays truth on the line

So did you manage to step away from politics or politicians and just see this is a truth? Many will want to distract from this video by saying “BUT THE SNP DID THIS OR THAT” – Let’s be honest Scotland, the people who say this after viewing a human moment do so because their conscience is in bits and they have no human answer to what is said in this video or ANY similar video or point of view. They resort to hate as it’s their only tool to make the truth less. People who view this video and then want to change the subject and lay bad on the SNP and caring Yes Voters are sadly a big % of Scottish people, a Scottish people so hate filled at the very notion us other Scottish people want to live in a Free Scotland away from the harsh realities of the suffering of others by politics from hateful right wing egotistical upper class loonies, Scottish people voted to be with these loonies, yet don’t or can’t explain why.



People voted yes for themselves sure, but we also voted yes because we care for our fellow Scottish brothers and sisters. So where does your compassion live in JUST THIS VIDEO? define your reaction then look in the mirror. Some of us are just sick of seeing poor and sick people being stood on over and over, we had Scottish disabled people (BLOG BELOW) committing suicide through actions of clueless no voters. We care, but sadly most no voters (NOT ALL) are spiteful in their no vote, the others that voted no can give no ethical nor moral reason for voting no. Yes voters can, I am proving here we don’t hate. I leave the proof above and below that petty hatred and spite put Scotland and her people in harm’s way. Let love and truth shine through, think of the struggles of others then come and tell us why you voted no like an adult. I am saying right now, nobody will step forward that voted no and be ‘decent’ in comment. In there lies Scotland’s Shame. Yes voters, whatever we define ourselves as, let us just keep going with love, caring natures and the truth only hate can deny, and yes voters need to stop being childish with each other, how many times must we say “These people are no voters causing our yes movement to debate harshly with each other, WAKE UP!! (BLOG BELOW)

Who shows hate?

Who shows hate?

I challenge any no voter to tell me where the wrong or lies are in the video above and to also call me wrong in my assertions of the sad and brutal reality of the no voter and what it has caused. I again ask you to look in your heart and tell yourself why you voted no thus condemning Scottish people to more pain and suffering due to killer Ausertity cuts so visible I can only guess no voters are actually selfish, something I warned about before and told after the Referendum vote

August 10th 2014 – Before the vote I wrote and warned: Scotland – We can’t be scared nor selfish, don’t be the Worlds joke!

August 19th – After the vote I wrote and confirmed: Scotland Vote No In Referendum – Selfish, Scared People, Well Done!

Yes voters fight hard for no voting lies

Yes voters fight hard, for no voters lied to


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4 comments on “Dear Reasonless No Voters – A Message From The Caring Yes Voter

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  2. I really feel sorry for those who voted NO. They must have been part of the less educated sheeple brigade on accepting what they have and a total disregard for those that don’t have. Our young people in Scotland are desperate for decent jobs, a rare thing these days. There are no options in Scotland compared to what is offered in London and other nations. The thing is on this aspect, a large portion of our youth disappear from these shores for ever. Do these people not see that with Independence this trend could be reversed giving your children a better opportunity at home than they could get overseas or down south. The inhumanity from this Government at Westminster is shown where they impose benefit sanctions on the most vulnerable people in our society, they are I humane to the sick and the disabled, but most of all with this so called Vow that a lot of people voted NO for has basically been turned into a fiscal trap where Scots would be worse off than what we already are. A Westminster Tory Government is a profit making venture for those who see a society less fortunate than themselves, a poor people that can be blamed for this countries failures. So they pile on even more pressure where people have opted to take their own lives rather than face starvation and hardship foisted on them by the horrendous rules dished out by the DWP.
    How can these people that voted NO accept these as a Better Together deal. It is the exact opposite and for those that chose this path, will without a shadow of doubt reap what they sowed.

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