English Health Care System On It’s Knee’s – Scotland Are Hiring Dr’s

Jeremy Hunt under pressure

Jeremy Hunt under pressure

I wrote this good news blog for Scotland on 4 days ago titled Scottish Healthcare – Taking young English Dr’s – 10/10 to SNP where the Scottish NHS that is devolved to the state where it is healthy and the SNP are now taking disgruntled and unhappy young Dr’s in England and putting them into the Scottish National Health System. Wales and Scotland more so can apply their own rules and pay structure, working week wages, England due to an awful decision by Jeremy Hunt could have just closed down the English NHS, and with Dr’s leaving England for Australia and Scotland to name 2 Countries, the state of the one world famous UK Health System is in ruins in England. I feel for my English brothers and sisters but as a Scotsman I am pleased we as a people can pay more and get more Dr’s in to help Scottish people. He has blamed the BMA (BMA – Home | British Medical Association) and deadly strikes in England are on the cards

Story Via: http://news.sky.com/story/


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is coming under increasing pressure over his decision to impose a new contract on junior doctors. The British Medical Association (BMA) said it was not prepared to accept “a contract that is bad for the future of patient care, the profession and the NHS” and would fight on against it. Meanwhile, several NHS trust chief executives who had supported the new contract and urged an end to the uncertainty, insisted they did not back its imposition.

NHS junior doctors strike over contracts
[VIDEO] Via Guardian Wires on You Tube

They were among 20 signatories to a letter from the Government’s chief negotiator Sir David Dalton, which appeared to call for its enforced introduction. The letter prompted Mr Hunt to announce in Parliament that, in order to end the “uncertainty”, he would introduce the new contract to force junior doctors to work Saturdays between 7am and 5pm for normal pay. Mr Hunt added that the new contract would also reduce the maximum number of hours a junior doctor could work to 72 a week, and would increase their pay by an average of 13.5% – not the 11% previously expected.

:: Hunt’s Decision ‘Carries Huge Political Risk’

Sir David wrote his letter after union leaders failed to back a “best and final” offer from the Government amid the second of two strikes. Dr Johann Malawana from the BMA said “all options” remained open to junior doctors.

He said: “If the Government want more seven-day services then, quite simply, it needs more doctors, nurses and diagnostic staff, and the extra investment needed to deliver it.” When junior doctor Dagan Lonsdale, a registrar at Kings College Hospital, attempted to question Mr Hunt when he came across him at Millbank TV studios, near Westminster, Mr Hunt ignored him.

Andrew Marr asks Jeremy Hunt about ‘despairing’ doctors!!
[VIDEO] Via Daily Mail UK on You Tube

Dr Lonsdale told Sky News: “It’s a shame Mr Hunt refuses to speak to junior doctors like me. We are doing this job day-in, day-out and we can see what harms there will be in this new contract. I think it’s time someone sat down with him and addressed it.” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Jeremy Hunt’s decision to impose a contract on junior doctors is provocative and damaging. “The fact that the Health Secretary is now simply trying to impose his will… demonstrates a lack of confidence in his own arguments.

“More strikes now look likely. If that happens, it will be clear that the blame lies with the Government, not the doctors. Even at this late stage, I appeal to Jeremy Hunt to go back and negotiate with the BMA.” The Welsh Assembly Government said it had no plans to impose a new contract on junior doctors in Wales – and invited any doctor in England unhappy with the new contracts to cross the border and work in Wales.

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