ShaunyNews Facebook – Reopened – Share away, anything goes, no deletes.


Please feel free to join, share your blog, your views, images, video’s, anything really. Just keep it real. I won’t delete hate but I will show hate exactly what it is to anyone paying attention to a bad story some are starting to see. So please, come alone and lets see if we can make things better. I am a team player, I don’t take flattery or compliments very well as I am used to being a team player, being a Football manager for almost half my life has made me a team player, I can’t free Scotland and tell all the news on my own and neither can you, but together we can try right?

Please Join in:

Well after a good rest, less medication, a month in the gym so I can tone my muscles are 100% tones so I don’t die in 5 years 😀 I am back on Facebook. I see Facebook groups closing due to hate, I see people argue, alleged Yes voters arguing HARD and with hate with each other. On ShaunyNews if a hater comes in they will have to debate well or they will be made to look stupid. Should someone post porn, anything bigoted or racist, that is a police matter. But anything goes here on any subject, be it Scotland or the World. I won’t delete people for nothing and I won’t stop the flow of people sharing information no matter what they share, as long as it’s news related. The flow of information MUST start somewhere. Today I did 2 blogs and several from 100 groups/sites didn’t let it in, why? Who is anyone to stop the flow of information? Some act like they own the Yes Movement. I did a blog last week and 1 group owner said “>I< Don’t want this to be part of the yes movement” I replies decent and said “But are you not stopping the spread of information” They replied “I just don’t want it there” then I replied “What are your motived to stop the flow of information?” They never got back to me. No hate from me, just confusion and a will so strong to get the RIGHT INFORMATION out there, so please, lets become a team and do it as one. Too many groups? Too many Bloggers? Too much? People almost shouting over each other to get read or heard and because of this people don’t read things so then lack important knowledge. I am just saying.. All good

This was the blog: Dear Reasonless No Voters – A Message From The Caring Yes Voter



Please feel welcome to join, I admin it on my own, I opened it 2 days ago and 300 people joined so that is a start. I don’t do this for numbers but it does help when you know what you write is being read and digested by decent people who can debate. Sadly this guy was hate, bigoted and showed exactly what I wrote in the blog.




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2 comments on “ShaunyNews Facebook – Reopened – Share away, anything goes, no deletes.

  1. Unfortunately there are quite a few around like Sam R they spout hatred and venom but all with racial or religious undertones which have been stoked up by the scum media or organisations that specialise in misleading their rabid followers.

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