Should we use 2nd Vote on Solidarity Party to be opposition to SNP in Holyrood?


If they were opposition, would Scotland be free Sooner?

[HUGE MISTAKE I MADE EDITED] If people say “I don’t like Tommy” they are as short sighted as No voters were when they said “I don’t like Alex Salmond” LONG TERM THINKING APPLIES HERE!! I was speaking to a really good blogger called The Babel Fish and during a chat they brought up a really good point, got me thinking and I now see the sense in what they were saying. I will be quick here. People are saying “VOTE SNP 1 AND 2″ But by doing so we are leaving ourselves open to have an opposition in Labour who are not Nationalists nor would they want a Free Scotland or 2nd Referendum. So it begs the question “Should we vote for Tommy’s Solidarity Party with 2nd vote?” and make/help them be the 2nd biggest party in Holyrood? We have this in our hands because they are progressive in terms of Scottish Freedom too, freedom would be non opposed, logical right? For me this is a no brainer. If we vote SNP with both votes do we not leave ourselves with an oppressive, (ALMOST THESE DAYS) right wing Labour opposition opposed to another referendum? I think there is a HUGE debate about making a progressive yes movement party the 2nd vote. Scotland if we can achieve this, freedom happens VERY QUICKLY as there is no opposition to a new Referendum nor UDI!! What do we think here Scotland? And please, reply and share, I think this is something we must debate as adults all in the Yes movement together, any groups to not allow this through, for me are not true Yes movement voters in terms of allowing freedom of expression, views and opinions. Why have Labour as opposition when Tommy can almost guarantee Freedom for Scotland with the SNP? Thoughts? Tommy wants freedom badly, what we say Scotland? [EDIT] Tons of people are more aware about the 2 vote structure. Some amazing debate over this and not 1 comment in hate!! Proud of you Scotland! We learnt something here!

Should we help make Tommy the opposition to SNP in Holyrood?

Should we help make Tommy the opposition to SNP in Holyrood?


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20 comments on “Should we use 2nd Vote on Solidarity Party to be opposition to SNP in Holyrood?

  1. i have been wondering for a while now after looking at how the second vote counts it means that snp would need more than labour etc but if the won the seat their count is 10% so who will the second vote work for unless we come up with a strategy the second vote could just be a waste unless it is used properly splitting the vote amoungst all the independance party’s will allow labour in

    But what do we do and who do we trust is the big question for me rise is a big Question and seem to bring too many questions to my mind so i would not vote for them
    How do we coordanate the vote to get the best ???

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    • That is where the question I posed falls on it’s knees David. For the question to be reality we need an already split and argumentative yes movement to come together on the same page. It would also give the Unionist a back door entry if we failed…Many have learnt a lot about the 2 votes and I am one of them..
      Good reply buddy


  2. I know mate, I edited it and re-posted. Bad error but nobody got hurt 😀 If anything what we can take from tonight is many have so many differing opinions on these 2 votes, you just gave yours, but others gave different comments.. But it’s all good..We came together and explained the 2 voted to each other… At least that is the positive I see here.. How often have we seen a question like this cause no hate? Cheers


  3. There are various articles around on places like WoS that suggest that the most likely outcome of giving your second vote to another pro-Indy party is more likely to help the unionist parties than the Yes parties. Vote for whoever you actually want to vote for is the only sensible strategy – SNP 1+2 in my case

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    • Yeah I see it now buddy. I am delighted I went ahead and asked this question because it has gave so many people who were a bit unsure on the 2 votes more valuable knowledge on the why’s and hows…Me being one of them…
      Good comment bud


  4. Reblogged this on campertess and commented:
    But do the SNP not need some list votes like they did in 2011? If we’re talking tactical voting then folk will go with rise or the greens just because they don’t like Tommy. There would need to be a good amount of votes for it to work for the Solidarity Party.


    • What I learnt is if we do this we allow the Unionists in the back door. I was always SNP 1 and 2 myself, I just asked this question for myself and others. So many people are now better in knowledge of the 2 votes, me being one of them. The question is possible but very hard to do..
      Good comments


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