Missing Jr Dr Rose Polge ‘left note addressed to Jeremy Hunt’ #WHY?


As always I like to write the small story because usually they become the huge story, I did this here 6 days ago: English Health Care System On It’s Knee’s – Scotland Are Hiring Dr’s. SO, 2 older blogs attached, I beg you read! Below I left links to this story from many news sources (Main Stream) also some tweets from around the Country. I have spoken to 1 person who is fairly high in the junior doctors’ strike movement, he is thinking of leaving for Scotland. The story here is a story I can’t tell and I have deleted all images, documents and info on this story that were emailed to me. Someone else can dig for this story. All I can offer is a story. Do we remember this? Paddy Ashdown: SNP coming south to burn Westminster, Like Balkan War! – Shocking Remarks!! That was a warning. Also this here when Nicola was called ‘Mini Hitler’ David Starkey branded ‘serial utterer of bile and bilge’ for ‘offensive’ comments comparing SNP to Nazis Be careful Scotland. This kind of talk, should we look backwards in history ends up with a ‘CLEANSING’. Am I going to far? No I am not. Is this a warning? I don’t know. Is this as much as I will share? YOU BET YOUR ASS!!!

Via: http://www.msn.com/ & Tons of other Main Stream Media sites below


Police searching for missing junior doctor Rose Polge have refused to deny a report that she left a note addressed to Jeremy Hunt before she went missing halfway through a shift.

Dr Polge, 25, who was a vocal supporter of the junior doctors’ strike, disappeared on Friday before her car was found parked at Anstey’s Cove near Torquay, Devon. A hooded top said to belong to her has been washed ashore nearby.

ITV News Westcountry reported that “persistent rumours” have been circulating at Torbay Hospital, where Dr Polge worked, that she had left a note for the Health Secretary, who plans to impose a controversial new contract on junior doctors. A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said today: “We are not making any comment about a note or the contents of it.”

Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust, which runs Torbay Hospital, refused to say anything beyond a one-sentence statement it released on Monday saying it was “aware” that one of its doctors was missing and would be providing support to her colleagues and family.

Last month Dr Polge posted a new Facebook profile picture, featuring the hashtag #NotFairNotSafe.

She also shared a link to a petition asking the British Medical Association to support the junior doctors’ strike which opposed changes to working hours and conditions proposed by Mr Hunt.

Police described her disappearance as “totally out of character”.

Dr Polge, from Royston, Herts., last spoke to her boyfriend at 1pm on Friday before her car was found in the car park at Anstey’s Cove at 6pm.

One of her friends told The Sun she had disappeared halfway through a shift at the hospital, and had been under strain from the long hours she had been working.The friend said: “She usually had a smile on her face but the last couple of weeks were taking their toll. Rose was always cheerful and worked incredibly hard to get where she was.”

Police divers have joined a helicopter, drone, RNLI lifeboat and search team of 100 volunteers, including Dr Polge’s parents Mark and Heather.

Martin Ringrose, Director of Human Resources at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are aware that one of our junior doctors is missing. Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones at this very distressing time. We will do whatever we can to support the authorities investigating her disappearance and searching for her, as well as providing support to her colleagues, who are anxious for her wellbeing.”

Devon and Cornwall Police said in a statement: “We are extremely concerned for the welfare of Rose and are desperate to locate her.”

~~End Story~~


They found her hooded top


#Presumed DEAD


What did she know that was THIS bad it cost her LIFE?



One of her last tweets or Facebook shares


She was against his principles. Why send him a letter? Where does this story go?


Missing Rose Polge: Devon and Cornwall Police deploy drone amid Jeremy Hunt suicide note rumours : Via http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/


Missing Junior Doctor Rose Polge left ‘Jeremy Hunt note’ before she walked out of shift : http://www.express.co.uk/


Rose Polge: Missing junior doctor left note to family mentioning Jeremy Hunt before vanishing: http://www.mirror.co.uk/



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8 comments on “Missing Jr Dr Rose Polge ‘left note addressed to Jeremy Hunt’ #WHY?

  1. Up to the English NHS and people Anne..As you know TONS of Junior English Doctors are moving to Scotland for a GOOD WAGE and fair hours…This is kinda why this story started. English NHS is not attached to Scottish NHS now…But the story comes from Scotland offering (Rightly) Good people who do a good job, good hours and pay….Westminster and Austerity come hand in hand, why England voted Tory I don’t think anyone in Scotland knows. After the Election English people were as surprises as Scottish people after the close Referendum no vote in 2014… I am sharing this only due to this I blogged



    • The girl was high up the “Lets have a strike against Westminster NHS Policy” And now she is dead. It hasn’t been reported yet, but she is dead..She sent 2 letters, one to 1 newspaper and 1 to the Tory NHS (National Health Service) leader…That is the strange part. Why would she sent a letter to the guy who made these Junior Doctors angry, then to protest and late last night call off a Protest march in London a week on Saturday..None of this is news till 12 hours from now..But it’s what will happen… Sad for the individual girl, but what is the REAL story? That is where I am at


      • Yeah, and some more. If this doesn’t blow up to one of the biggest stories of a Generations I would be very surprised. For what I think I know, the story is more than Jr Dr’s x

        Skype? I am on…x
        If not, another time? Whatever

        Liked by 1 person

      • HA HA 😀 I am on Nightshift for the first time in a long time, as the poison goes and my muscles tighten and I feel like I am in a sports tight suit 😀 My sleeping pattern has been ‘better’ not perfect, otherwise I would not be replying to you at nearly 6am 😀
        As I said, when, if you can.. x
        Soon is good x


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  3. Paddy Ashdown is such an awful politician and, therefore, person. He spreads lies and falsehoods of political nature that have lasting awful effects on whole nations. Really sorry you Scottish people must put up with his garbage too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We put up with a lot of this. We have Scottish Media on our side, but the BBC/SkyNews are always like this. Channel 4, a free to air channel, their news is MUCH better. They accused Scotland of being cheated in the Referendum. They are based in London. I am friends with their War Correspondent Alex Thompson – A little… We smile knowing it’s false empty hate, we are 3/4 free, so it won’t be long…And I know you will understand the political and human nature of the Scottish cause.. x


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