It’s Not Fair, Not Safe: American Medic on Junior Doctors and the English NHS

Junior Dr's and supporters for them

Junior Dr’s and supporters for them

[SHORT READ HERE] This is a story I reported on early, knowing small stories often become huge, this one is BIGGER THAN HUGE this morning, so, cracking article here in the Huffington Post by one of their bloggers. I have already done a few blogs on this almost tragic story of a once GLORIOUS NHS UK. Keep in mind this is the English NHS, Scotland are taking many young English Dr’s and putting them fairly into the Scottish NHS that stand’s alone from England, sadly for our English friends 1. Scottish Healthcare – Taking young English Dr’s – 10/10 to SNP 2. English Health Care System On It’s Knee’s – Scotland Are Hiring Dr’s and 3. Missing Jr Dr Rose Polge ‘left note addressed to Jeremy Hunt’ #WHY? The first one is regarding Scotland hiring a few of these disillusioned young Dr’s, 2nd one how we now know it’s a major problem for our English brothers and sisters, and sadly yesterdays disappearance of a young English Dr Rose Polge, ‘Missing’ is the word after walking out of her shift, but sending ‘Allegedly’ 2 letters, 1 to the media and one to Jeremy Hunt. These are the thoughts of a young inspiring and aspiring American girl in Englands NHS. American Healthcare is 2nd World, 2nd rate as she explains, not within the ethos of the G20 never mind the G8 (Yes, Yes, I know Russia pulled out, you can subtract yourself) standards. Enjoy a great read. What she says about English healthcare is good! So how bad is the USA Obamacare!! She tells how getting ill or injured in the USA could leave you bankrupt for life, so I think we here in Scotland are thankful we have a free Healthcare System for us all and that teaches many Scottish kids to be great Dr’s and Nurses and also gives jobs to great prospect Dr’s and nurses from foreign shores to work in Scotland. Sadly our English friends are in a bad way, but not by American standards and this is no fault or any wrong doing by the brilliant  in this article, she see’s a good ethos inside the English NHS as a well oiled machine. I think she is talking about the human side of the English NHS, it’s young Dr’s and Nurse’s and teachers, the very bond that brings workers in many fields together as Jinnie explains here. But for all 5 Million of us here in Scotland you would be hard pushed to find any vocal groups say the “NHS is decent in England” or “NHS is good for my English Family/Friends” STUNNING READ By a young woman who is standing up for her friends.

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Before moving to London in August, I couldn’t conceive of anything close to the NHS. A structured, uniform service that trains highly competent doctors while providing healthcare for free. For everyone. Inconceivable. And yet, here I am as a first-year medical student, learning, observing, and participating firsthand in this incredible institution that indiscriminately treats anyone that walks through its doors. Here, when you are ill you are a person who needs healthcare, not a walking insurance card with a set deductible.

I have lived my entire life under the US healthcare system: a scheme of insurance companies, employer-selected health insurance plans, premiums, co-pays, and mounds of red tape for routine and prepaid medical reimbursements. I have dipped into savings to pay what my plan did not cover and doctors have changed my medications when my insurance company refused to pay. During the brief periods between jobs when I did not have insurance, I feared an accident could plunge me into tens of thousands of dollars of debt from medical bills. This preceded any thought of the actual bodily harm I might suffer. Has Jeremy Hunt ever experienced this?

The NHS, despite its troubles and flaws, embodies the core aspiration of modern social democracies: taking care of all of its people. And like any large entity, its greatest strength is its people. The doctors, nurses, and my fellow medics inspire me every day with their intellect, passion, and dedication to their patients. At St. George’s we receive extensive training and guidance on what it means to be empathetic and how important it is to put the patient first. My classmates time and time again demonstrate that these concepts are a part of who we are. When we graduate and my British friends become junior doctors I have no doubt that the NHS will be in very good hands.

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