Spotlight -The Sex Abuse Bastardisation of the Catholic Church Globally

Source: Spotlight -The Sex Abuse Bastardisation of the Catholic Church Globally

[RE-SHARE] Before I call this watching a movie I must say I have written about the Catholic Church and the real impact it has had through it’s alleged wrong doings. I  sat last night and watched the movie Spotlight, you can click that link for the trailer for the movie. This is a story that will lose me friends yet also make me friends, this is a story that has a stranglehold on our World so much, we can almost say the ‘Catholic Church’ is a leader in our World when it comes to Politic’s, Law and Media coverage, because nobody will tell this story in a court of law, the World knows it, but fails to act because half our World would be in Chaos. The Catholic Church is an alleged culture where they rape, molestation and kill both young boys and girls has allegedly taken place. Before I get into the story, I ask you look at all corners, City by City where the Catholic Church have been perverts and beasts taking innocence all over our World, peadophiles and beasts. These are the 4 screenshots from the end of the movie and they are REAL, Edinburgh Scotland, my home city is on the list. Is yours?

7 comments on “Spotlight -The Sex Abuse Bastardisation of the Catholic Church Globally

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  2. Note that those screens at the end are only screens where massive scandals have broken. It by no means includes every city where priests rape children.

    The key is that the Catholic Church hid 100% of their known pedophile priests and refused to find and help victims, in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matthew 18:6-14 where Jesus said child rape was unforgivable.

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      • If you look in the John Jay report of 2004, 97% of Catholic diocese admitted pedophile priests. One of the ones that didn’t was Los Angeles, where they had to pay $500 million to hundreds of victims 4 years later.

        One of the Catholic priests they are named Father Ruben Martinez raped over 100 children, including his 5-year-old brother, and the Catholic Church knew about all of them (thanks to Catholic confession), and let him keep raping and raping and raping.

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      • Jesus… This is a story close to my heart as I explained Neil. It’s not a crusade or a panic to get this information out. It seems recently the USA is willingly giving us the information in movies.

        The Big Short Trailer (2015)
        This is about the greedy US bankers in 2008 who in turn caused the 2012 global recession.

        Spotlight Official Trailer
        The TRUTH on the Catholic Church

        Why are the USA doing this?
        What is the agenda? You understand where I am coming from?



      • For me, it is a crusade to get the truth out. The Catholic Church is the largest organized child rape cult in the history of the United States. A friend of mine killed himself after being raped by a priest, because the victims never get over it. The Catholic Church doesn’t care. They are truly doing what the devil would do, since the devil is a cold, creepy, coward.


      • In the known history of the World Neil. The screenshots I got from the movie were just a few and also the places where it’s been seen or reported. And am I not right in saying the devil would “Come as a saint?” I mean he would be a “Good person” in the first meeting..But slowly feck you, not that way…?
        For me, God is real, Religion has been Bastardised by men who are evil and in the Church.
        I said in the blog “Don’t come at me saying ‘It happens at all Religions or any walk of life”…
        Guess what many did 😀 YUP..They said EXACTLY as I said some would. Typical Religion trying to hide it’s bad side at any cost. I know people who have admitted they would rather see Earth end to see their Bible/Book shown correct..
        God I pray to, no Religion, No Scripture, No buildings, and no payments 😀
        Joking aside, it’s an OUTRAGE. The UN wanted to go into Vatican City but can’t, Vatican City is a City, the only City that has laws now applied to Earth. Unreal bad story Neil mate


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