The awful Social Media Impact on the Scottish Yes Movement

We SHOULD be the most Politically aware people on Earth, we are not!

We SHOULD be the most Politically aware people on Earth, we are not!

This is a long read so just hate me now, get it over with yeah? Why do we share the bleeding obvious every day? Quotes, Images and Sayings we all should already know. Where is the new news? Why do some sites stop the flow of information? We must get back on the same page Scotland, this is NOT about me, it’s about a group of about 100 people, many who have since walked who see it as plainly as they do their ceiling when they wake up. The reality is people don’t fully read what some share, I am slowly learning this. The title and image must be better. I did that blog on ‘Allow the North of England to secede from the UK or join Scotland?” I could re-write this, different headline and image and everyone would like it. I could rename it “North of England has small petition to vote SNP” And there would not have been so much anger. That is just the reality. People moan and complain but when it comes time to research and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING too busy, or can’t be bothered. That is our downfall and will remain so on Social Media. I try and keep blogs as small as I can so people read. Two blogs I shared recently went so bad people were saying what I myself said in the blogs. I do appreciate the many who did say this in my defence. Also the blog I did about the Pilot, 1 from a thousand/Millions? to say “Something was wrong on 9/11” Nothing more! CIA Pilot ‘SWEARS ON OATH’: Planes Did Not Bring Towers Down On 9/11[VIDEO] And the planes did hit both towers, so why did people say to me “But the planes hit the buildings, my Aunty seen them?” Because they never read. The VERY PEOPLE who ruined our Referendum are as we speak creating war to create money. Yeah, greed like our Tory is a Global issue Scotland and media globally lie like ours does. So many replied with “I seen the planes hit”, SO DID I 😀 Seriously, nobody is reading things. This is our downfall Scotland. We are becoming nasty. The blog about North England I did above and I have the screenshots but will save people face, some said “F*UCK ENGLISH PEOPLE” Have we become what we dislike in the Unionist hater? Seriously I am just asking.

Where did this feeling go?

Where did this feeling go?

Joking aside I don’t think we will see a Free Scotland till my two 5 year old Daughters are in their 40’s, the Yes movement has been taken over, it is in bits, people who run and own groups and websites are dictating and deciding what is news and what is not. Where I get confused is “Who is anyone to say what is or isn’t relevant to our cause” I write things, some fly, some die but I don’t lose sleep. I get confused when someone said earlier today “If this isn’t deleted I will leave this group” Seriously 😀 What is that? 😀 If we don’t stop hating each other more people will walk away. I now know at least 10 REALLY good bloggers or group owners to walk away, for the same reasons I won’t. I will keep telling the stories I do because I have many reasons and I will give my reasons for you. My two sons moved out, in love and all that Jazz, but I do this for them. So my reasons are almost for 2 reason.

Why are we deemed less? I speak about it, others are scared to. Seriously

Why are we deemed less? I speak about it, others are scared to. Seriously

For my girls and 3 disabilities I REFUSE to not stop me being part of the World Living with CPS/Fibro and M.E. – 3 Disabilities Often I feel as if people are actually holding my disabilities against me as “How can he know he is Disabled” was one comment. That is how it feels for disabled people, trust me, I speak to many who feel the same.The way people are treating each other just now makes me shake my head and almost get angry. Scotland we are losing each other. Not just my stupid blog, but other people too. Nicola is DREAMING of this happening for Scottish and GOOD reasons. Million Mask March – Glasgow – 5th November 2016 – Ready Glasgow? Nicola needs a visible Scotland on the streets demanding another Referendum. But all we have is Facebook and Twitter and some blogs and websites run by people who think they are important, NEWSFLASH, you are as important as I am in all this, the PEOPLE AS ONE will free Scotland, forget Politics, the people will do it, but we are growing apart, it is anger? Is it pain? Is it because it is too slow? People will STILL reply to this blog blindly with “Ahh but when the Election comes we will come together” Yeah I think I understand when people say to me “People are saying this in hope” We can and must do better. Here are my reasons, what are yours? Or do you lose sleep over what people write on the Internet? Seriously “I will leave this group if that is not deleted” 😀 I have seen it done to many people and I smile but feel sad at the same time. WHAT IS GOING ON!!! I was on 84 tablets and 30 Ml of Morphine A DAY for the last 11 years, today I am clean, I told the Dr to ram his poison and I went and built a Boxing Gym in my spare room, hoping that when I was awake, as I am now, that I would see things different. Sadly I see it worse. I am lost Scotland and I know MANY, thousands, 10’s of thousands are too. The proof is in the debate, or lack of there in, where we look, it’s the same images and quotes and debates just redone. There are over 1,000 Scottish Groups of every kind, we have OVER KILL. I don’t have the answers but (Below) I do have the questions peeps. Never hate from me, when hate comes to me I try once to reason with it then delete it. I ask you block me if you lose sleep over what I write. PLEASE! Scotland is far more important that you and I!

Alba, respect, and all that. I have been constant in my views. You? And please, no hate! 😦

♫ Nicola lays truth on the line 

♫ Scotland – Sing our own Song ♫

♫ Scotland has something inside so strong ♫

Reminder: At the bottom of each blog is 3 of the same story, WE seen this coming!

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7 comments on “The awful Social Media Impact on the Scottish Yes Movement

  1. On the face of it we do have too many YES groups. There are a lot of LOCAL groups that I think could provide a valuable service in presenting LOCAL information, and quite a number of Non-local groups. We probably have too many of the latter competing for mindspace. We do need more than one since Facebook may well decide ot close anyone (this is the safety in numbers effect) but I would say not more than 10.

    More importantly the admins and owners of groups should get together in order to decide how to cooperate to bring Independence about as soon as possible, as well as identifying trolls.

    As might be expected, there are a lot of Football fan keyboard warrior types on all groups who want independence but only yell “Freedom” there are a smaller number who are willing ot get out and campaign and a very small number who are willing to work on the problems that lost us the referendum: Currency, Pensions, and the Economy . I am not aware of any of the third group in the SNP leadership.

    I can charitably assume day to day pressures make it hard to find time to work on these problems, but surely they can be delegated, and publicised.

    I wrote something on what we need to fix before the next referendum.


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