We CAN free Scotland in 1 year!! It is so easy -Yet many will imply ‘IMPOSSIBLE

3319ba3I will keep this as short as possible because I want people to understand the message so clearly that many of us know it, share it, talk about it and hope others don’t just agree and share, but more in actually doing more. I am Irony for sure when I suggest what I am about to suggest because I would not be able to take part unless it’s online information on what I suggest.



So what am I suggesting would free Scotland within 6 months to a year? 2 Million people meet in Glasgow or Edinburgh 1 day, and walk to the other city centre of the other city. A 2 million person march from Edinburgh to Glasgow or from somewhere in Glasgow to Holyrood parliament in Edinburgh, whatever is deemed a good idea. In doing so we close the M8, we bring Scotland to a stand still SO VISIBLE the media would pick up on it and the SNP through the voice of Nicola Sturgeon would tell the World “THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND WANT FREE” Now who can give me 1 logical argument about this not being possible? Do we understand the power we have here? It’s like 10,000 0r 50,000 people going to a sporting event, we do it every weekend because it’s what we do. What if we applied our daily lives fun to our demands against an oppressive Tory Westminster monster? The power we hold together outweigh’s the power we don’t hold on the internet ANYWHERE, online we are just sharing the same news every day. We need to know this news of course. But I am just asking here “What stops 2 Million People walking from Glasgow to Edinburgh’s Holyroon Parliament?” I am asking simply “What stops us doing this” Because on-line we are not together, let us put our shoes on, stand side to side and stand together in denying the ignorance placed upon us and walk to Freedom? WHAT STOPS US? And if people reply in 1 minute with NO THIS ISN’T POSSIBLE” I ask what that voice is saying that for, because I do expect that voice, but I see it every day, we talk about it!! So leave it here and gather Scotland and make ourselves SO BIG WE CAN NEVER BE DENIED EVER AGAIN!! Who has the courage? Who is brave enough? Who can stop this online crap and just STAND AS ONE ON THE SAME PAGE AND BE SO HUGE WE WILL BE FREE? Fools will deny this



We all know this means “Scotland till judgement” – Who will judge and when Scotland?




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19 comments on “We CAN free Scotland in 1 year!! It is so easy -Yet many will imply ‘IMPOSSIBLE

  1. Your forgetting we had a vote only 2 years ago and over 55% said No to separation. That’s democracy. Your barking mad mate. Go and have a wee lie down in a dark room and breath slowly. Dont lay this consume you. Another 10/15 years the time might be right but not now. Just leave it be for now and get on with your life.

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