‘Anonymous’ Declares War on Cincinnati Police, Publishes Officers’ Addresses


POSTED:FEB 24 2016 01:58PM MST

As this was shared by fox news I thought I would share the story told at it’s worst, anyone wanting to research further, please do. Main Stream Media have a habit of covering these stories and always making Anonymous out as the bad guy. Anonymous have exposed stories nobody had even heard about in the past and for those that say “I don’t trust people in masks” Well the masks do come off and I would trust Anonymous before I trusted fox news! Is giving details to police officers houses a good move? My only reply is “For what reason did Anonymous do this” Don’t look to much past that question. When #PoliceStateUSA happens, this is the result. Right or wrong we must understand that another person was killed by US police. Watch both videos so you see the full story, otherwise you are ignorant to the story, should you reply.

Anonymous releases details of 52 police officers in retaliation for civilian shooting
[THE VIDEO] Via: Hot_Show on You Tube [Killing Video]


‘Anonymous’ hacker group ‘declares war’ on local police.
[VIDEO] Via CHAOS BOT on You Tube

Via: Video Source:

CINCINNATI  – Cincinnati’s police union spoke out about a “hacktivist” group that released personal information on dozens of police officers. The group Anonymous Anon Verdict released the personnel files, including home addresses, of 52 Cincinnati police officers. They said they were doing it in reaction to the fatal police shooting of Paul Gaston in Cheviot. The group released links to data dumps of the information but Local 12’s attempts to check those links have all failed. It appeared that those pages have been removed. The group released a video which showed a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Fawkes was the British anarchist who attempted to blow up Parliament and a symbol of the group Anonymous. The man, in an auto-tuned voice, claimed Cincinnati Police shot Gaston when he had his hands in the air. Their video didn’t show Gaston reaching for his waistband, which Cincinnati Police video did show. The group compared their video to the non-shooting of a white suspect under similar circumstances by Mt. Healthy Police. The group said it will release officer information any time something like this happens. FOP president Dan Hils told Local 12 that officers were aware of the potential hacking of police files. While they don’t like their home addresses becoming public, the FOP said officers were not in a panic, they were just taking some extra precautions. “I think an overreaction is exactly what these folks want to see. They would like to see me or the police administration upset and yelling and screaming about this.” Once again, the group released links to the officer information but when Local 12 News attempted to access them, they had been removed. It was alarming for police, but most of the information was available to anyone who was willing to commit to searching public records. Cincinnati Police’s intelligence unit is investigating the release of the information. At this point, they have not confirmed that they were actually hacked because much of the information is public. Tweets from in the USA and around the World at the foot of the page as always

And it could be the biggest personal data leak since the 2011 Sony controversy.
The group announced the leak in a chilling video revealing it had been moved to name 52 Cincinnati Police Department employees, from Chief Isaac to rank-and-file The dump is a response to the shooting of a civilian by officers and includes name, ages, street addresses, email addresses and social media accounts of officers and their families The death of Paul Gaston, who was shot and killed by Cincinnati police officers on Wednesday, has sparked controversy, as he was unarmed at the time.



Via:  Insider.foxnews.com/&FOX 10 Phoenix


The hacking group “Anonymous” posted a video to YouTube detailing the personal information of 52 Cincinnati Police Department employees, Cincinnati.com reported.

In the three-minute video, titled “Message to Cincinnati Police Department,” a masked group member states with a computer-modified voice that the so-called data dump was in response to the recent death of Paul Gaston, who was shot and killed by Cincinnati police officers last week.

The personal data, including names, ages, street addresses, email addresses and social media accounts of the officers, was posted in two links provided with the video. The names and addresses of many of the officers’ family members were also published.

“Anonymous” alleges that Cincinnati Police Department officers shot and killed Gaston because he was black. The group said officers did not use lethal force against a white suspect in a similar situation the same day.

Officers fired nine shots at Gaston, 37, after he refused to lie flat on the ground and then raised up, appearing to reach for a weapon from his waistband, police chief Eliot Isaac said.

Following the release of this personal information, Cincinnati’s Fraternal Order of Police has said it’s doing everything possible to protect officers, their homes and their family members.

“It’s outrageous,” Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said. “Police officers defend us, keep our way of life, keep us safe.”

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