Scots Police Teach US Cops How To Avoid Gun Use In Week Long Visit

Scottish Police were asked how to NOT USE A GUN!! By US Cops

Scottish Police were asked how to NOT USE A GUN!! By US Cops

Take it America! Your own Cop boss’s have asked Scottish Police FOR HELP!! They want to stop killing innocent Americans, so came to a Gun free culture. As always I will link this to other media and share tweets from around the World at the foot of the page. To give anyone not aware of #PoliceStateUSA <Click) This blog here I keep getting the video’s of the TRUTH taken down Police State USA – Baltimore PD release CCTV video in Freddie Gray case I will leave some video’s below, if the ones I hosted have not all been taken down. This video shows how US Cops are STUNNED at how Scottish Police can NOT KILL! Even when someone does have a gun, and that is not often here, it’s alien to us, in Scotland you are a COWARD if you have to use a Gun. Just a cultural thing to the World we all differ on, nothing personal. The USA is the World’s Super Power right? The people want that title, so if they want the title they best get used to the dislike of their ways by the rest of the World your American actions leave us to pay for and clean up. Anyway, American Cops now getting TAUGHT IN SCOTLAND how to NOT KILL is good. I think if the USA banned guns the problem would be gone in a Generation. It can happen, the USA can be Gun Free, and maybe young kids won’t get shot whilst having their hands on their heads and the US Media can stop saying bl@ck kids or bl@ck people, a word I can’t say in hate or I get the jail. The US Media make this happen, they spread the fear. BUT WELL DONE SCOTTISH POLICE!! YOU DO US PROUD AS ALWAYS!! And also at the bottom of every blog there are 3 more of the same or similar story

[VIDEO] Scots Police Teach US Cops How To Avoid Gun Use


US Cops are impressed, they speak here:

Scots Police Teach US Cops How To Avoid Gun Use
[VIDEO] Via Trending News on You Tube

Scots Police Teach US Cops How To Avoid Gun Use:

Via: Sky News

American police chiefs have been to Scotland to learn new techniques in how to avoid shooting violent suspects. As numerous fatal police confrontations cause public anger across the US, officers are rethinking when, and how, they use force. The results are part of a hard-htting documentary to be shown on Sky Atlantic and Sky News.

Last year, police in the US shot and killed around 1,000 civilians, many of them unarmed. Former hostage negotiator with the Boston police department, Chuck Wexler, brought the team across the Atlantic in an attempt to cut the use of fatal force.

As the two sets of police officers met, Mr Wexler described how if confronted by a suspect holding a rock an American officer would pull out his gun. “You’re going to kill someone for throwing a rock. That’s what you’re gonna do,” said Mr Wexler. How would society over here think about you shooting someone with a rock? They would not accept it.” The senior American officers, from forces such as the NYPD and LAPD, watched demonstrations at Police Scotland training centres. [And if this did happen in Scotland we would, in peace, fix the problem as a people]

Pasco Police Shoot Man Throwing Rocks
Via ceeloc187 on YouTube

Sky News cameras joined them as they went out on patrol in Glasgow, and watched as unarmed police dealt with a variety of potentially violent situations.

The four-day visit showed how Scottish police step back from confrontation, using shields and vehicles for protection. They also saw examples of how in Scotland officers use language and negotiation in a different way to their American colleagues.

Sergeant Jim Young trains hundreds of Scottish police recruits every year.

Eric Casebolt, McKinney Police Officer Involved In Pool Party Incident, Resigns
Video Via The Lyrical Elitist on You Tube

“The American style of policing, it’s very authoritative and backwards to the World,” he said. “There’s a difference of going in, straight up at this level, whereby you’re ordering people, you’re shouting at them. You can’t go anywhere after that. But if you start down low you can adjust your communications to suit.” [Why I said many times, SHOOT LOW, American Cops just panic]

In the US there are an estimated 300 million firearms in circulation. The documentary shows the American police officers, while accepting both countries are very different, learning lessons in how to approach volatile situations.

Many American forces adopt what is informally known as the “21-foot rule”.

Police officers keep that distance from someone with a sharp weapon, but will shoot if the suspect closes that gap. Some see the controversial tactic as a ‘licence to kill’. Scots firearms officers have shot civilians only twice in the last decade.

The last officer to be killed on duty through criminal violence in Scotland was in a stabbing in 1994.”It’s about time that we step up and this is our chance,” said Mr Wexler. It’s a crisis but it’s also our chance to do the right thing.”

~~End Story~~

Well Done USA!! in #PoliceStateUSA as this officer resigns after being recorded!

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2 comments on “Scots Police Teach US Cops How To Avoid Gun Use In Week Long Visit

  1. This was initiated by the US LPO!! They asked and Nicola said sure. The LPO I pray are actually doing this for the right reasons. 1,200 people died at the hands of the police while not carrying a gun in the year 2015. One man had a rock, he was threatening to throw it, police killed him dead. Scottish Police simulated many issues and showed your LPO many video’s from CCTV and video from inside Police Cars. 1 Man ran at the Police with a big machete in Scotland and he is now in prison. The police out muscled him and nobody was hurt. If we were all in Rush hour traffic and we seen a cop beating a woman like the video below, all the men and woman maybe would be out their car’s beating the Policeman, for what is in this video..But it’s never something that our Police would do. It is like community Policing over here. They are friendly if you behave yourself 😀 Example. I had someone try my house door at 2AM one morning, a neighbour and I called the Police..Within 2 minutes 4 police cars and a Helicopter and they found the 2 idiots trying house break in’s. They pleaded guilty so no court for me and my neighbours…a month after it was all over we all got a call back thanking us and Police drive into our area a lot, very visible in areas. Anne, all it is, is a totally different culture. I don’t understand Australia, Canada USA Cops and laws…But you might not understand our Police/Cops and how they act and interact with Scottish people..This below is 1 REASON why THE LPO came to Scotland!

    Seriously a Million people would be protesting this here. What you are about to see is a POLICE STATE…Go and research that and Fascism and it is what your Law serves you. You are a good person so don’t interact with Police. Sadly if your skin colour is different…#Bl@ckLivesMatter. Your media says the B word when in reality all needing said is “Kid shot” or “Man Shot”..Why not “Christian Man” or “Gay Woman” ? Seriously, you guys (NOT YOU) define each other so bad it’s no wonder you have racial tension you may or not be aware of. Reason I share these stories is because nobody in Scotland would and were not believing me for a long time. The people who didn’t, do now…This is evil!

    Liked by 1 person

    • If we are going to share a GOOD NEWS story (For a change) we (Everyone) best telling it correctly. LPO initiated this. Basically the 50 or so people at the very top of all US Policing for most states picked a country from 100 in the developed World to learn TO SHOOT NOT TO KILL. As you will remember only 1 Person has been killed by (The then) UK Police force who was not armed. As my culture says “Need a gun? Coward!” Really is it in a nutshell. Turn the coin around and we this..This is HARD news to get, China don’t share with the AP any news unless a plane goes down or a natural disaster.

      Check this 😦 And it’s obviously worse than reported. But remember China has nearly 1/3rd of Humanity with nearly 2 Billion people, when we apply populous percentages, USA is still the Worst. The news say they kill more, but China has 1.6 Billion more people than USA. It’s all a mystery I guess, but US asking Scotland for help is astonishing, but it’s because our crime rates are almost lowest in World, but all North Europe is same, Scotland picked maybe due to English speaking police. Saying that, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Belgium have English language class from age 5 years old. Literacy in these countries in ALL learning subjects are near perfect

      But the USA with only 350 populous are VERY high still, too high. Truth Shock: US Police Killed More People in March Than UK Did In 20th Century


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