The Wrong Direction


Expressive Art is something I am becoming more interested in than most things these days. The hatred from people who claim to want the same as you is something that confused me to the point I just withdrew from it. That is of course, for now anyway, is the Scottish Yes Movement. So turning away from that for now I am just tying to get my muscle tone 100% and trying to be alive for the right reasons and right people. This song I have shared 1,000 times probably but music I say always is the only medium that connects us all as one. Religion, Politics are two issues where UTTER HATE comes to the surface when you prod long enough, not that I knew I was prodding, it just happens. This song is for me, you, anyone who has REAL PURPOSE today, real valid reasons to do what they are doing. Enjoy


Passenger – The Wrong Direction Lyrics
Via: Kayleigh Ellis on YouTube

~~Or the official Video~~

Passenger – The Wrong Direction – Official video
Via Passenger on You Tube


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