US Voting Fraud Reported on Super Tuesday 2016 – Confirmed Twitter Supression

An American made this banner...Why?

An American made this banner…Why?

Below is a respected poster SkepticOverlord from We had the exact same thing happen before and after the Scottish Referendum vote, one being Police Investigate Illegal Postal Ballot Claims. I believe Trump is there to help Hillary, I think Trump knows why he is doing this, to push his friend Hillary to POTUS. It’s all below. Tweets down the bottom from other Americans also. Search my blog for more on this story as I have been sharing it for 2 years from Scotland. Also, I would vote for Bernie as I said here when I heard him speak ans seen hope for the USA Why The USA should vote Bernie Sanders and rejoin humanity – In 1 short video Sadly I think Hillary will be next POTUS as I have known all along: PROOF THE US MEDIA DECIDE THE PRESIDENT – RON PAUL SHOULD BE NOW, HILARY WILL BE 2016 POTUS ALL THIS IS ALLEGED OF COURSE. Also people may ask “Why does a Scottish guy have interest in US politics” but understand America, when you Police the World, the World is left to pick up your Governments mess. You guys don’t get the refugee’s you caused, we did, Scotland took Syrian families in. America you are not the greatest in the way you were before. You still produce good things, music, movies, good people. But you are Alien to what you were when I was a kid in AWE of you, can even blame ‘Back to the future 😀

The media hid this from you last time

The media hid this from you last time

Had truth hidden from you before America

Had truth hidden from you before America


Anyone think Trump can actually win? If not, why is wanted hated? Muslim remarks

Seen this on one of the Worlds biggest sites for debating:


One thing I dislike more than Donald Trump is voting fraud, and there are dozens of reports of some serious issues in Texas, a Rubio “MUST WIN” state. Twitter is seeing lots of activity, under the search for “voting fraud,” about votes being switched from Trump to Rubio on the electronic voting machines.


You are already told to dislike Alex Jones, we all know tis outside the USA
Texas Radio Station Reports Election Fraud in GOP Primary
Via: The Alex Jones Channel on You Tube – Published on 1 Mar 2016

What’s even more curious is some apparent Twitter suppression of this. Just one hour ago, the hashtag #votingfraud had hundreds of tweets today, with several new tweets every few minutes. Now, it only has five for the day. Edit to add: I’ve confirmed the Twitter suppression of the #votingfraud hash tag. I retweeted this under the ATS Twitter account.

It didn’t appear in our timeline. But less than a minute later, I retweeted this, that didn’t have the hash tag.

It showed up in our timeline just fine:


~~End Story~~


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