The Flat Earth Theory – But why is Antarctica 24/7 Sunny?

flat-earth-vs-round-earthGenesis 1:7-1:8 The Stars, sun and moon are embedded in this rigid dome, is where I started with my research, I don’t belive the Earth is flat fully on the logic that Antartica is 24/7 sunny. If the Earth was flat it would look something like this image below, and think the wall in Game of  Thrones please if you know that wall. There are a few images, video’s as well as always tons of tweets from around the World on a subject that I can say has me ‘Kinda interested’ 10’s of Millions of people today believe in the flat earth theory, 200 years ago the entire World or the ones who cared thought the World was flat. For me I come back to Antartica and say “If it is ALWAYS sunny there, and it is, then the World MUST be a sphere and not flat. This story has my interest after a friend Joy posted something about it. I said not chance and then kept note as I do of things, had time, found time and researched as hard as I could and I conclude the World is as NASA or whoever say it is. Do I want to believe it’s flat? I don’t think it matters if the World is flat, it changes nothing in our lives, but it is hard to see a flat earth when the bottom of it or rim of it as flat earth theroy explains as that wall behind the edge. Would love people’s take on what is just an interesting story with valid points either and each way.


The Flat Earth Update | Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know
[VIDEO] Via: Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – HowStuffWorks on You Tube

Antarctica 24 hour sun DISPROVES the Flat Earth
[VIDEO] Via DITRH on You Tube


I can CLEARLY see a small curve that on a bigger image would be round, but is it a circle? Like ball, or flat?


Does size of image in relative terms count?


The best answer is usually the correct one

Many will point you to this image

Many will point you to this image

But apply some physics and we have a conspiracy!

But apply some physics and we have a conspiracy!


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5 comments on “The Flat Earth Theory – But why is Antarctica 24/7 Sunny?

    • HA HA HA …Yeah, once you start to have fun with stories it is just more fun. Some stories like this I am sharing are very hard…These blogs I do I will do more. I got bored (For now) in telling the World news or Scotland’s news…

      I love this type of blog…Coming off the medication (I know, boring 😀 ) My mind is like a sponge, my mind is like my two 5 year old Daughers 😀 I JUST NEED INFORMATION….

      Tell Mr Campertess to keep researching but to have fun with it…I don’t believe everything I share…Just good fun..

      x lol

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  2. If we look at Earth today, not just 5% of it in the USA, we actually look at the Whole world, all 1st World like Australia, Scotland, Belgium, South Africa, Russia, Japan, South Korea and a ton more, we see bad things always. When we look at the BIG PICTURE….I think we have a valid logical point if we say “Well if this is the Work of a creator” Thier creation has went bad. Yes, Yes!!! People make choices, blah, blah, I know… x
    But our World today is not ran by God…
    Our World today is Hell for most.
    We are the lucky ones Anne…
    I can see it because I researched it so much. I live in a Country where we grew up with the IRA and bombs, Thatcher treating Scotland like Lab Rats….
    Most American’s have never in their lives lives through that fear….You have with a few issues. It is cultural perspective I think maybe…

    I like when 2 people of different cultures can speak and agree to disagree with no hatred or disliking or point scoring…
    This is our World, we all have done this…
    When people say “I can’t change the World” I always say “Change your own” People should make more effort like you do Anne in what you do every Monday (You can tell if you want, not my place) But you do good on a Monday….
    Imagine a World where everyone did what you did on Mondays?

    Now that would be a better place for our kids and grandkids to live and grow up in. One day we are gone, so for me it’s about what we leave them. I know with Religion that might not always be 1st thought (Guessing here, I don’t live in Religious Country) But surely we are defined by how we act, what we do and what we don’t do..As the individual and also as a culture (Country)

    Anne, just my opinions of the top of my head.. x

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    • Maybe creation, but if we define creation as “Cave men evolving” then our species created things on our own? That is possible too x… Look what our species did in JUST 100 YEARS!! All these 10’s of Millions of years (Or 5 thousand if you are Religious, makes no sense, we have old Scottish settlements being dug up that are 40,000+ years old) In just 100 years look at the change. For Hundreds of years before it was stagnent. Then a BANG and it was around the early 1960’s with new recored players and TV Styles then colour TV…Fast forward just 50 years and any Human can contact any human, anyhere on Earth in just a few clicks (Providing both have phones, lol)
      Maybe we were created at the start. But everything that followed, creation, industrial ago, technological ago, human ingenuity created what we see today. Many people get confused with this story I seem to see. Defining creation in a moment and creation over human time on this planet…However we arrived at being opposable thumb’d humanoid, top of the food chain species. So we flourished. But ever Empire to rise has fallen, every single one so far in human history and it’s close to doing so again, 10/100/200 years away, we are repeating the trend…

      You know I could talk and debate in fun these stories and oppinions all day. I miss having more people to engage in just “Talking and seeing where we end up” Ed Tatro was a good mate for that for a long time…Just chat that took us to any and all issues…Like me and my Dad always…My brain is a sponge these days…Like being a kid 😀


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