Astronauts come back to Earth with ‘SOMETHING’ – Should we send our World leaders up there?

love-mother-earth After doing my blog on ‘Flat Earth’ it got me looking at other space videos. Astronauts who have been to space and looked back at the UTTER BEAUTY of what our Planet looks like from above. We are already in space, right now we are in space, it’s just we are confined to our protective bubble. Going back to how these Astronauts speak after they come back is utterly amazing. I will leave a 20 minute video below where we hear from many Astronauts from the early Apollo missions to now and going to the ISS (International Space Station) – Below that a famous and amazing human being, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and two video’s you might enjoy also, one is him in TED Talks, the other is him singing ‘Space Oddity onboard the ISS

Some Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning To Earth
Via: theo logian on You Tube

How they speak is beyond love, beyond God, beyond spiritual thinking, when people go to space they come back with a love for our World that they never had before. This video I plead you watch, then I ask we send it to all our World’s leaders. In my opinion if we can put all our leaders, president’s or prime ministers into space and let them look back I believe their need for money and commerce and thier views of each other as people be it cultures, colour of our skin, race religion or creed would change and I am guessing it would not harm all Human Beings to go up also, maybe we would be better to each other?. I watched a few videos of these amazing people who were ‘Utterly Moved’ about being in space. When you listen to these people you see how they have changed, their appreciation of our world changes, their views on Religion and Politics change also, but it took going to space to give these very lucky people the ability to want a better World, to see the wrongs we who have not been to space don’t give much thought to, these amazing people just strip their souls back and talk in an almost neo spiritual way. Please watch, it might help us who have not seen from above understand more about why and what we should be protecting most, OUR EARTH! Because we abuse it, these people who went to space talk about this, how we are taking our World for granted. I hope you watched and enjoyed, more below!

How CAN'T seeing this for real not change your mind and spirit?

How CAN’T seeing this for real not change your mind and spirit?


One such astronaut I have immence respect for is Chris Hadfield, a Canadian guy who has been aboard the ISS and did tons of video’s that were superb for kids, he explained how the human body and even physics work when you are in space. I have showed my oldest 6 year old Daughter some of Chris’s video’s because at School she is starting to get talk on Space, so she is like a sponge for knowledge, I grab that thirst and show her many things about space but 100% Mr Hadfield and how he describes living in space. An amazing man and also famous for a cover song from the late great ‘David Bowie’s Space Oddity, that amazing song sung by Chris in space is below. Below that is a video I have watched, shown my Daughter and even blogged about, links are below two amzing video’s. Please enjoy!

♫ Space Oddity ♪ by astronaut Chris Hadfield
Via: Chris Hadfield on You Tube

Chris Hadfield: What I learned from going blind in space
Via: TED on You Tube


TED – Chris Hadfield Explains Going To Space # Do We Need To Send Religious and Political Leaders there?

♫ Space Oddity ♫ Sung above Earth in the ISS. Blows Bowie’s version to PIECES!!


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