Top 10 Interesting Facts About Scotland – By an American


Just part of the scenery

Whoever this guy is he isn’t really correct much here. But a few things he is spot on or half correct. And yes, number 1 on the list is as we expect here. But it brings in Millions of pounds to our new Devolved Scottish Parliament in my city Edinburgh, also the Capital City. This guy did research, sadly he mentioned kilts like we wear them to go shopping πŸ˜€ We NEVER wear kilts unless it’s a wedding, but even then it’s a few. His talk on the ‘Vaults on number 9 are so untrue. He speaks in number 7 about Ginger hair, TOTAL RUBBISH πŸ˜€ Number 6, unicorns, we NEVER talk about, EVER, guy who started this crap was an English King, he is correct on sport, also how good our Education and Health care is because they are both number 1 in the World. Apart from all that, 5 out of 10 for research and truth πŸ˜€ Good fun here, nothing else

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Scotland
[VIDEO] Via Top1OArchive on You Tube (By an American)


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6 comments on “Top 10 Interesting Facts About Scotland – By an American

    • Yup, murder however as I probably will never leave this island I live on 😦

      I miss so much I want to see. India, parts of the Middle East, Iran, Russia, China, Canada, South America (Peru for sure), USA and some European places. Example. Standing below the Great Pyramid and putting my hand on it. Pictures are good, but the things we REALLY want to see we want to see, I want to put my hand on it. Feel thousands of year’s old stone work by amazing architects. Just to touch these things, Meteor Crater also, it always makes me feel the knowledge. Like when I 1st went to Bannockburn, to stand on 700 year old hallowed grass where Scotsmen fought and died to free Scotland. It makes it feel more, probably just me… lol

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      • HA HA ..Yeah it must be a guy thing πŸ˜€
        Maybe one day I will just get on a plane and go and visit these things. They say “Life begins at 40” I remember hearing it from Childhood…AND WOW DOES IT πŸ˜€
        I am always thinking now “Should we?”

        lol x

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