Was just got asked the strangest question on Wordpress




[IMAGE ABOVE] WHAT ON EARTH WAS THIS. FIRST THOUGHT WAS THREAT – Just sharing in-case, shared the person’s details with a few friends. They really tried to hide, just not well enough. Any of my kids, partners or my internet capable devices are hacked, the culprit is easy to find. Just an odd comment in an odd place on my blog, they hid it in plain sight here #How you can contact Shauny

It is this level of stupid

It is this level of stupid


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4 comments on “Was just got asked the strangest question on Wordpress

  1. Told you 100 times Anne..I get so much hate from all over the place. When you have opinions as strong as I have, the fear to say what needs said, even to Scottish people…You are going to get abuse…Flies over my head, this was something more….Just wanted it to be seen by a few people…People want to come and say it to my face? Please do. I am doing Boxing training… I am this…
    I would love a person instead of bags….Only if they want trained on of course πŸ˜‰ x

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    • Safety is never an issue for me Anne, you know my story, where I live, what I was born into. Would take a very brave, stupid or well paid man to even go there πŸ˜€
      I have VERY STRONG opinions on Global matters from Scotland to Middle East to Russia, China, Israel, USA, Catholic Church and a few more. Again because I am only person I know to never leave the UK so I am always asking, researching, basically just Trying to have fun while trying to understand the world a little more. When you don’t care about comments coming back at you, blogging isn’t even a thought. Try being a Football manager to Kids with their parents and also managing 20 big heafty Scotsmen πŸ˜€ Once you done that 15 years you become easy to find and so over with what people say because when I had 9 teams, I ran a club with 9 teams from my Saturday adults to Sunday adults and kids teams, I have been hated as much as 100 shy people have been hated combined :
      …….. πŸ˜€ Daily at times….
      Internet has no real danger to our person, just our devices in my case… x

      πŸ˜€ LOL πŸ˜€

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      • I don’t get upset by it any more. After years of getting it, in a situation I knew it would happen, I guess I was just built to take hate and not let it effect me in the slightest?
        Just guessing…Very hard to annoy or pi$$ me off these days….I am too busy just being happy and making the most of life and living it. Actually living is a good thing. I am glad I got with the system!! lol

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