Bl@ck guy tells USA why Bernie Saunders is ONLY option

Video below about Bernie

Video below about Bernie

This guy done done an amazing speach on Racist America, called for Bernie as POTUS and showed Hillary Clinton for what she is, another Bush, another Obama. I am Scottish but take great interest in a changing America. We remember Ron Paul got dumped by Fox News then others last time? You know this America? Let me remind you

The media hid this from you last time

The media hid this from you last time

Had truth hidden from you before America

Had truth hidden from you before America

Did Bernie say what he did earler yesterday to get the black vote? Bernie Sanders – ‘White People You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be Poor’ < You can click that. That blog there I thought Bernie was commiting political suicide, then I gave it though, he MUST have been playing the American race card for votes. This is not the story here, it’s the guy below in the video. Is he right? Powerful video if we look ONLY at the human side, look further, you miss the point. I must type Bl@ck as this word is a jail sentence in my culture when said in hate.

Solid Reasons to Vote For Bernie Sanders, This man has been putting in work for many years for the minority’s and for the poor.

Just Listen and Share !

Bl@ck guy on point for Saunders



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2 comments on “Bl@ck guy tells USA why Bernie Saunders is ONLY option

  1. I agree 100% & have said for a long time that the party that gets into power anywhere in the world is the party that the hierarchy want in. Everything that occurs, be it war, elections, bombs, shootings happens because they make It. There are other things that has happened that I am dubious about but if I say it folk will think I’m crazy, maybe I am lol

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    • That is spot on, people know, understand. But if we jump on certain causes or bandwagons we get almost put into the ‘Conspiracist’ by people too lazy to actually understand.

      I don’t believe Alien’s visit Earth.
      I did believe Man went to the Moon till a live NASA Skype chat with kids around the World caused a huge story to be closed down. A young girl from Europe asked the lady from NASA “When will Humans go to Mars” the Woman from NASA replied “When we can get through the ‘Van Allan Belts’….As humans are radiated to a crisp if they enter this bubble around our Earth…
      This will show you where I am coming from.

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