Scotland – How we can free ourselves in 1 year. BY ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING!



ALBA GU BRATH, WOO, YEAH, GO SCOTLAND!! YEAH BABY!! UDI!! WE WILL WIN, VOTE SNP!!  – THINK AGAIN – I asked Scotland if it was possible we could walk to freedom and YOU WERE TOLD TO IGNORE ME, and I also said before I hit publish people would imply “Impossible” What is happening RIGHT NOW Scotland is beyond anger for me. People are telling others “Don’t read Shaun” Don’t read John, Bill, Audrey, don’t read him or her and SCOTTISH PEOPLE ARE FALLING FOR THESE IDIOTS!! Really I could go on and on and on with names, I am struggling to know fully who is in control here, but know it’s a person wearing a Scotland Yes T-Shirt. I could post the people doing it as I have the screenshots but if I post it all I do is take away the reasons we need and we walk into anger and things become worse. I suggested that Scotland does this, well WE asked, the people I speak with and I. We are in worse than a bad place. People will tell you TO IGNORE WHAT I WRITE HERE. I ask you please keep an eye on who is telling YOU what to do. Do you have your own mind? Are you in full control of your Scottish thoughts? I am asking. And I already know the answer.

We CAN free Scotland in 1 year!! It is so easy -Yet many will imply ‘IMPOSSIBLE

And people did imply ‘Impossible because I put a number on the amount of people. See this is what is happening. The Unionst side are paying people to start Scottish Groups and websites and people are sheep being taken for a ride. I am giving Scotand 2 good ideas here.

  1. Take to the streets and be so visible we can’t be ignored
  2. We all complain to the BBC and stop paying them.
  3. WE WILL DO NOTHING! But if you want to?
  4. HOW TO STOP PAYING TV LICENCE < Want to do something?

♫ Scotland has something inside so strong ♫
Why do we bother? Why do we share crap lik this?
I did this video, and it was a TOTAL waste of time.

And as expected nothing happened. So how about we all complain to the BBC? Everyone who is annoyed at the BBC who post images of the BBC, who comment how bad the BBC are, how about we actually tell them? The complaints link is above, can we be bothered to even complain and show ourselves online?? I mean 1 Million complains I am sure would make the news. Scotland you are being fooled by clever people who tell you what to do, think and how to act. When the easy thing is in-front of us we still just post crap on Facebook and as we do we go backwards as the CONTROLLED Scottish Yes Movement takes so many steps back. Some commented on a Labour Conference and the lack of someone being mentioned. Some shared images of Nuclear bombs going past Scottish homes, I ask how many actually got out of their home and protested? What is your excuse? Seriously because it best be good. It’s the reason I stopped writing about Scotland and turned my font to the USA where we could see the World go down the Toilet for good if Hillary is POTUS as I said she would be 2 years ago. What is more important? The World or a Free Scotland in an opressed World? Even a half free Scotland in an oppressive Union? What is more important?




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