Racist America on the brink – Civil War & Martial Law possible – As I warned


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Many Americans who I hope are reading this, please get to know why this is happening, it started years ago, please read and be ready, I beg! I wrote 10th of this month #PoliceStateUSA – FBI Orders Teachers To Report Students Who Question Government when I could clearly see this story becoming exactly as I started to say it would unfold over 2 years ago. This is not the saddest blog I have ever had to do but it has the potential to be so. See for you the reader to understand how I hold this now visible point of view and have done for years I have to take you back to October 15th 2014 and probably further back when I came across this story USA – I Warned You About FEMA Camps And Coffins Bought In Millions

Also I leave links and tweets from angry and worried American at the bottom

Donald Trump Protesters Fight At Chicago Rally Gets Canceled Crazy
Via Entertainment News Gaming on You Tube

At the time I could see ‘Something’ and a few American’s could see it also, sadly it has taken Donald Trump, a Racist in many places with help from the US Main Stream Media. When your media says “A man sadly died today in a car crash” people get sad, when the media says “A BL@CK man sadly died in a car crash today” Everyone living in a Democratic World will in an instant recognize what is going on here and we have for many years now. Sadly most American’s are too blind or scared to see the truth and I promise you this is just the start. I speculated back in December 18th 2014 that after research I asked  CAN OBAMA USE MARTIAL LAW TO STAY IN WHITE HOUSE PAST 2016 <Any of the links underlined can be clicked. Donald Trump who used the Muslim word to cause issues that lead us hear, this was done back in 31st of August 2015, Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist, it was a clear sign of what was coming, the World seen it, American’s denied it and I really don’t blame any American right now for wanting to deny what I say here. I have been constant in my sad truth about what was once the greatest nation on Earth, it started 3 maybe 4 years ago in a visible sense, had you been paying attention, but lets go back 16 to 20 years here, even as far back as JFK, whom may I add the USA Government admitted they lied back in October 12th 2015 Finally, The USA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination – As We All Knew.

Protest Turns Violent at Donald Trump Rally in Orlando, FL (3-5-16)
Via Right Side Broadcasting on You Tube

malikobamaThis started to be visible a week ago but was created many years ago with the now dead Al Qaeda renaming and rebranding into the alleged ISIS funded by the USA and Allies, the hatred is high and people are starting to swing punches, how long till the first death via a gun on a white person or a black person? WHEN this happens it is game over for the USA. Afterall lets not forget American is a racist Government, almost Fascist and the people who called me and others Conspiracy Theorists 15 years ago, I wonder what they think today, we were right, we seen the big guys falling. When the USA started to police the World it created enemies, I don’t know many people who hate the USA, but we are all annoyed you police this World, because you cause Wars and then dare to hate us back for giving you a hard time because we are left with your mess? Syrian’s who are ISIS I am sure in many places are now all over Europe looking for a plane to the USA. I Warned and warned Obama wanted to cause Civil War to stay in power, I speculated that Obama with the help of his brother Malik Obama, again way back in June 10th 2014 I wrote Obama broke a law, and nobody in the USA noticed! This surrounds the Bergdahl trade of prisoners of war and Obama’s Muslim connection! I am not sitting here saying the USA is perhaps on  the verge of all out civil war, no I am not saying this. I am saying Civil War has begun in the USA. Where it goes from here is both guesswork and an educated guess people. See the USA are not very good to their people these days, American Goverment give more to Israel (NO I DO NOT HATE ISRAEL) and Muslim Countries more money yearly than they do American people. Trump is a racist and anyone who can’t see it is blind or brainwashed. Maybe some are too scared or have lived there long enough to not feel what the World can clearly see. I mean just watch these video’s and you see the early stages of Civil War. Bernie Saunders said ‘White People You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be Poor’ and now we have an all out race war started by Obama via the media and may keep him in place as no Presidential race can happen when the USA or any Country is in Martial Law. All this will 100% put Hillary into the Oval Office, if the USA does not slide to Civil War in the coming days and weeks, Hillary is 2016 POTUS and that is just the way it is America, two things can happen and one 100% will in my opinion. I have spoken to my American friends, some who want to leave the USA, a few who moved to Canada, 1 who moved nearer the Border to Mexico but remember this? This did happen, the rich are leaving the USA. I mean when this happens you know SOMETHING IS WRONG! And this was an early sign of someone getting out of dodge before the fireworks go off Al Jazeera America to Shut Down, Citing “Not Enough Jew Haters in USA”


Via SucceedBeware on You Tube


Men In Suits Fight At Donald Trump Chicago Rally
Via SnapGram TV on You Tube

I always go back to two blog I did. Obama Thanks Muslims For “Building The Very Fabric Of USA Nation” and Muslim Brotherhood have the USA – Hate of Islam wants it Back – See It Now? Really I could share 1,000 blogs, please search away in my blog for ‘Racist USA, Fascist USA, or The Death of the USA, any key words your logical mind can think, I have probably shared it. I am not psychic, I just understand how our World works. Scotland my Country see it now, well some do, I think we are all starting to get the point now, we are all seeing this power that is dividing us globally. And as I said, it would start in the USA and spread. And we wonder why Countries are walking and have been walking away from the ‘PetroDollar as I have written many times now. Brace for impact America, it’s downhill from here. I hope your faith in God is strong, you will need him in the coming days weeks and months, and I am not smiling as I write this as many presume I am. Also, I think any good mind will understand now Trump was never going to be President as he will not now be President, he was making way for someone else in Hillary and keeping the vote split for WHAT THE USA NEEDS in Bernie Saunders. May God have mercy on the USA! This could be Civil War and Martial Law


Understanding this is understanding the problem



It’s just UTTER HATRED – Strage I can only find images of angry men who are not white.. Odd huh?

Trump Rally Postponed After Protestors Clash With Supporters

Look at the words on his top for the love of God!! ‘Infantry!! This looks planned

screen shot 2016-03-11 at 7.42.26 pm.png

People tried to rush the main stage Trump was to stand


This is going to get bad………


I can’t find an image of a white man throwing a punch. Because they didn’t? Or Media lack of sharing? You decide


I leave you with the most predictive video I have seen predicting this

This was sent to me by an American friend. I wonder if they thought the guy in the middle was correct, while acting
The Newsroom – America is not the greatest country in the world anymore..
Via tpratt441 on You Tube














































































































































































































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