Good Will Hunting – Robin Williams – Heartwrenchingly good movie

The Most Powerful Movie I have ever seen

The Most Powerful Movie I have ever seen

All this from a movie 😀 But what a movie! Where have I been! As a Dad in his early 40’s, few Disabilities, coming off bad medication, begining to understand my girls, partner and two 5 year old Daughters, reconnecting with a parent. family & friends and becoming something, I am yet to be defined but I am enjoying a free mind to learn from others work, I am waking up and understanding people, life and myself. I am not trying to re-define myself, I am just trying to be and find myself. This movie is where my mind is today in terms of pain and power as the movie has both. I live in pain, I can be in hell, but I choose to live in Heavan with the people I love, so like Robin Williams or anyone’s journey I am looking around me looking to understand others, but to understand them, I first must understand me, and this is why I am writing this, It’S NOT FOR ME, for anyone who can connect to it’s raw power of love and hate, loss and gain, bravo.Just watched this CLASSIC movie in Good Will Hunting

Will meets his love for the 1st time – Using his amazing mind
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An amazing story of a young kid played by Matt Damon, his shrink in the movie is Robin Williams playing the part of Sean Maguire the teacher of kids wanting to be therapists of the mind. In the movie Robin Williams as many know plays the part of a guy who lost his wife. His 1st chat with the wayward Will Hunting the kid explains Maguire’s insecurities and torments of life through one painting Sean the therapist had painted. The image is the one below. See the kid seen into the teachers soul in 2 minutes looking at this image. The part played by Robbin Williams here is astonishing, Robin was a comedian lets not forget, I will leave a You Tube video at the bottom so we can remember he did actually have an amazing fun life, but like us all or most, he had demons and he used movies to tell his own story and his own life.

Will and Sean finally become ‘Something’ –  What followed was truly something
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WHAT IS ART? Art is expression, so we then define the arts MORE. The Arts become anything anyone famous or like you and I share, they become so personal to the performer, writer or singer they actually have meaningful and emotional imacts on other people. I know this is true because I know, see movie stars, singers but I also see bloggers, people with groups on say? Facebook who are there not for themselves, but for others, they help others and deny themselves the help they need. Like Robin Williams, he gave us both sides of him. We see the fun, but we also see the sheer reality of his own personal soul screaming at us through the movie camera. This whole movie begind when a cocky smart kid mocks an older pained guys artwork and rips his heart out doing so. The painter got a chance to explain why he painted that painting. The painting with a rough sea and dark clouds, lost as sea, alone, gone. The painting in the movie was Sean explaining his worst hell in 1 painting. The kid became a man. He met a girl. More below, please, if you have seen it fine, if not I ask you remember the power of this movie and how the movie took the feeling of the movie to a new place. Enjoy friends

Sean’s painting being defined
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Sean explaining his painting to Will
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The image done by Shaun, in the movie. The kid nailed the images meaning

The image done by Sean, in the movie. The kid nailed the images meaning

Lets look quickly at what this movie won back in the late 1990’s.

Academy Awards, USA 1998 Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Robin Williams.
Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.
Nominated Oscar Best Picture – Lawrence Bender.
Best Actor in a Leading Role – Matt Damon.
Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Minnie Driver.
Best Director – Gus Van Sant.

Why had I never watched this masterpiece? lol

Why had I never watched this masterpiece? lol

This movie all did a clean sweep at the Golden Globes, USA 1998 , Screen Actors Guild Awards 1998, American Cinema Editors, USA 1998, Awards Circuit Community Awards 1997, Awards of the Japanese Academy, Berlin International Film Festival, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, BMI Film & TV Awards and the movie was represented and won in another 25 Global award ceremonies, and I have watching it for the first time just now and I was blow away. I love movies because, like music the actor’s and actress’s, if good, will bear their soul to the World through thier own profession, using their real life struggles as a tool to perform so well it becomes almost real, because it is real to the person performing. I watch men and woman make movies, write and perform songs and in the end is it any different from what we do here by blogging or by writing so prefound to our very being?

In the movie when Will is struggling with these emotions of love for smart girlfriend Skylar (Minnie Driver) He challenges everything. In this movie a 2016 relevent moment happened when Will had a meeting with NSA, yup the people who spy on us all, we know this, lets not deny it. The video of Will owning the NSA was just INSANE good. And it was Sean who was pushing Will’s boundries at this point. Love for his girl Skylar was his goal, but Will, wow his part just freaked me, how can a kid as Matt Damon was then pull off this performance, guided I am sure by Robin Williams in real life maybe he didn’t know it, maybe he knew it all along, the bond between actors must have been a friendship that lasted for life.

Will explains why he won’t work for the NSA – SERIOUSLY, YOU GOT TO WATCH THIS. AMAZING SCRIPTING
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The moment in the movie near the end when Sean tells Will over and over “It’s not your fault” had me in tears and I am confused to why. I mean I was watching two artists connect, two souls become one for real. Yeah they act but when Matt and Robbin done that scene it was real, real tears, real feelings and real emotions. No person can fake that, you have to have been HURT BADLY to understand that scene and both Matt and Robin for sure in real life suffered. Both used their real life emotions to make a career that amazed us and left us both laughing and crying especially in this amazing movie that JUST WORKS. This scene is when Will and Sean connect and they were real tears if you do your research, just remarkable all over, 10/10 for this movie from me, and WHY ON EARTH HADN’T I WATCHED THIS BEFORE – IT IS JAW DROPPING GOOD!!

Good Will Hunting “It’s Not Your Fault”
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😀 ~~~ 😀

Robin Willims – Golf (full version) – Through Robbin’s real frind Billy Connolly, Scottish Comedian EXACTLY like Robin, go search. Robin was a funny man. Billy Connolly is a funny man. Billy, the Scottish version of Robin is dying from what Robin had. They confided in each other, Billy was Robin’s last call before he sadly left us. But this is the humour of Robin, Scottish people get it because he got Scottish humour. Amazing movie about an amazing man
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