Why Hillary Clinton will be the next President – An American spells out what I say


Knowing FACTS are why I said both the USA would and is falling and/or Hillary would be president. Dealing in facts is what you do. I deal in the fact the Queen of England is my RULER and London still controls Scotland in a small way. I have to deal with that and a probable fake Referendum where no Scottish People any of us knew were voting no in 2014, the popular choice won’t win always. Bookmakers made Hillary POTUS favourite 18 Months ago over here in Scotland and probably Europe as we all knew. Bernie Saunders would be the World’s choice for sure, but America as your Country falls into Civil War or Martial Law be you like it or not, if you stand still and do nothing, Trump and Bernie will be the Media clowns as Hillary just has to not do or say anything stupid. Talk about blood lines and lineage is HUGE HERE. An American lad I do respect is telling America why Hillary will be POTUS and why they are all related to London’s Queen and Europe’s Royal family. Trump, Obama, Clinton and the Bush family have connected blood lines to each other and European blood lines. Seriously, don’t believe me, see for yourself, these are facts and not fantasy. What we want, we never get. UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE, PLEASE. We are not conspiracists, this adds up here. Also I am not the only person on Earth saying these things, always do your own research you want to or if you are offended. Tweets at the bottom from American’s also

Why Hillary Clinton will be the next President – It’s in the genes (Not Pants 😦 )
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Oh look, a company who fund the Clintons to be POTUS in return for less tax bills $

Oh look, a company who fund the Clintons to be POTUS in return for less tax bills $

hillary clinton 2016 Madam President or Mrs. President - the world of hillary clinton





I would not argue against this in terms of ‘OH GOD PLEASE NOT THE RACIST’

I don’t really care here in Scotland but this is ending bad for friends. Watch this video below through and understand how the ‘thought as’ Clever young Political students in the USA struggle to say why Hillary should be POTUS. They have NO IDEA. This is just one more problem for the new Roman Empire. Hand goes on the heart too! Watch out America, you get lazy, you go FEMA. I DON’T enjoy this writing, but our American friends need a quick schooling on why they stand on the brink of DEATH as a nation. More blood is going to be spilled within the USA by and against fellow Americans. My last blog was about the GUY killed last night at the cancelled Trump debate. Many say “How dare they stop Trump speaking” I say “I understand and live in a real democracy and I understand ALL American’s have a right to a voice” And I won’t play ANY cards be them any colour even though that is the biggest issue on why the USA is falling. Hillary is up next unless her pal Obama can pull this off –  Can Obama use martial law to stay in White House past 2016 with this logic 17 Things You Can Count On – USA Martial Law Check List and please check all dates

From this blog: REAL embarrassed for you USA, Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments, WARNING, Young Hillary Clinton Supporters
[VIDEO] Via: PJ Media on You Tube

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