I showed you America – Your Military are behind you 100% – Don’t deny again!

syrian-electronic-army-hack-marines-corps-websited619a498e7d71106b81c33bb9ebcf02eKeep in mind I am Scottish here, please! And do read and look below at the images if at all you do anything. January 6th last year I shared this blog here IMAGES MANY AMERICAN PEOPLE JUST CAN’T UNDERSTAND – TALK TO ME, PROVE ME WRONG! When I 1st showed American people this, some agreed but most got confused, I wrote it many times and this was just over a year ago I shared with American people, just average people like you and I images that baffled some if not most. US military personel had a website that was hacked. Was it allowed to be hacked? Was it hacked on purpose? Was the site made and hacked by American Military? I don’t think it matters, all that American’s can know from these images that they failed to give me one answer or reply to a year ago, are these images are of hope. These are the images I shared 18 months ago TELLING AMERICAN PEOPLE, THE MILITARY IS PREPARED TO STAND BEHIND YOU. Today, do these images now give you the comfort I intended in showing you at the time? America, you are about to go into Civil War or Martial Law. Your Military will be used no matter what from now on in, so please understand your military personel knew then what many of us did at the time. American people never gave these images the time of day before, but I know many are now, because many are asking me about them and asking me to re-share them. So, this is for a few American friends and I hope all American’s concerned and American’s who are not hating right now. The hate is going higher by the day and still some deny it. It’s coming, I told you over and over, WE TOLD YOU OVER AND OVER. Millions of us shared images, video’s, opinons and all we had to American people to make them aware the Country was heading for bad times. I hope and pray these images are now valid and people can understand them now. I did at the time, I still do today. So for the people who gave me a hard time for sharing these the first time, will you now understand I was only and always just trying to inform you of what your media don’t and help you? Same as millions of people were, and most were Americans. Irony is a killer, here it is just sad and brutal. At the bottom of the blog are always 3 more blogs for the same story. America, if I was you I would put down your unimportant things and just spend a little time looking at what WE suggested and how it is now here, like I am telling a few American’s “Just prepare for the Worst, even if it’s just random thoughts for today, just be informed” Whatever the story is, it’s happening today, right now. Below the images are tweets from American’s thinking ‘Civil War’ as well as many are right now. Sadly many American’s hope and pray this blows over. Sadly it is going exactly as we all seen it, well the ones who were warning for years, some years longer than I. I am still new to this blogging thing compared to others who share this stuff

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Remember, in each of the blogs above there are 3 more blogs like it at the bottom, you have no reason to say people are not trying to help you America. More American’s are trying as hard as ever to wake the others up. I always said secretly it will take a disaster to wake the people up. I beg American’s who want this to be known help by sharing so other Americans know the story to it’s fullest. Don’t deny these images or this story any m0re, everything from 2 years ago is falling into place. I am not #Anti-American or Point Scoring as many have told me. I am trying to tell a nation to wake up and as many have said to me recently “Shaun, can I share this blog” I say yeah and I say yes here also. Please share. This isn’t about numbers, check top right of this page. This is about a reality people are trying to shut us all up in trying to tell. If you read my crap or good work, whatever you think, you can’t say I have not been accurate. The ones who called me Anti-American or American Hater are now the ones scared. If you want to talk to me again? I am here and I score no points ok.

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