March for Syria – Edinburgh 19th March – 1PM Parliament Square!!


Please keep an eye on thier facebook page for any possible changing of date/time etc.

Always happy to share any marches in or around my area of the World. This is in my City Edinburgh. Please share if you are interested. Please share if you can’t go. Just please share. These marche’s are not about any 1 person. They are to define a person’s ethical thinking. Mine is strong enough to at least share even though I can’t march. Cheers.

This is the Facebook page for this march:

There is also a Website:


The atrocities against the Syrian people started in March 2011. The values of dignity & democracy that the Syrians sought have caused the deaths of around 500’000 people and has caused millions to flee. Causing the biggest mass exodus of people since WW2.

We ask you to join us in solidarity with the Syrian people.

We plan to march to the Scottish parliament where we will gather for speeches, where you will hear from Syrian refugees and other people and groups who stand in solidarity with Syria.

Bring banners and posters with you.

If you wish to help organise various aspects for this march then please contact us on

Date: Saturday 19/3/2016

Time: 13:00

Venue: Mound, Edinburgh (subject to change pls stay in touch via

Further info:

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