USA – Trump polling over 50% nationally – American Video Warning!!

kathyAs always some tweets from a few at the bottom. I know many support trump inside the USA but know outside the USA we just see a down and out racist. I am Scottish and a little Irish at the same time, being a Scottish nationalist with such strong views of love and coming together I also understand and know what happens when I flip the coin over. HATE AND MORE HATE. Some people here in Scotland are THAT HATE, thankfully it’s a small minority and we will control them one day very soon, we are a small Country with a small people, only 5 Million here in Scotland. 350 Million + are in the USA, huge landmass USA where the people who want to stand together are often thousands of miles away from each other. I can and do understand the fear of some American’s if Trump is POTUS. He has already fallen out with many European Countries and had bad but maybe true things said about him by our World leaders. If he becomes POTUS I think we all hope he walks away from the World and focuses ONLY on American issues for American people. But do not deny the race wars this man IS creating and will keep creating. He can say “I didn’t mean this to happen ALL DAY!!” But when he says “Do what you want, say what they want” He is telling people to be ‘Racist’ The saddest part here is people are being fooled by Media and Trump in such an obvious way I am almost offended at the lack of courage in others to stop this man. BUT WAIT!! Many are trying to stop this man, they have stopped 2 of his debates. These people are AMERICAN PEOPLE. The World does not see in Colour when we see people. Wake up to what we have all been trying to help you with for decades America!! WAKE UP! And see things how you want to, not how people tell you to.

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You Gov

Showing little sign of a “ceiling”, Donald Trump has only grown in support with the exit of Ben Carson and Marco Rubio’s collapse

In the last two weeks, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has won more delegates in primaries and caucuses, even while his opponents have launched new attacks and questions have been raised about his supporters.  The week’s Economist/YouGov Poll finds Trump still at the top of GOP voters’ preference with a wider lead, while Florida Senator Marco Rubio seems most damaged by the two weeks of attacks and counter-attacks.

This is the first time Trump has garnered the support of a majority of Republican primary voters nationwide. YouGov’s February 24-27 survey marked his previous high, at 44% support.


Two weeks ago, the national Economist/YouGov Poll showed Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz battling for second place behind Trump, in a field which still included retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (who has since endorsed Trump).  This week, Rubio is battling Ohio Governor John Kasich for last place, with half the support Republican voters give to Cruz.  He is behind both Cruz and Kasich when Republican voters are asked for their second choice.  And only 19% of Republican voters would be enthusiastic about a Rubio nomination (in contrast, half would be enthusiastic if Trump were the nominee).

Rubio is the least liked of all the remaining GOP candidates.  His favorable rating among Republican primary voters has dropped nine points from what it was two weeks ago; his unfavorable rating has jumped eleven points in the same period.  Every other remaining contender, including Kasich, receives better ratings.


kathy3a42% of Republican primary voters say they have become less favorable towards Rubio, based on what they have heard about him lately, more than say that about any of the other GOP candidates.


This poll was conducted mostly before this weekend’s series of protests and arrests at Donald Trump rallies in places like Chicago, Dayton, Ohio and Kansas City.  Their full impact on opinion – if any — can’t be measured in the poll.

Kasich’s ratings are particularly strong this week.  He gained five points among Republican primary voters in favorability compared with the last Economist/YouGov Poll.  Among the public overall, slightly more people like Kasich than dislike him.  Those national ratings are better than those Americans give any of the other Republicans (for comparison, 61% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump).  Kasich scores better with Democratic primary voters than any other GOP candidate (and if Democratic voters could choose the GOP nominee, Kasich would be the frontrunner).

Trump, who is the clear GOP frontrunner (74% of Republican primary voters expect him to be the nominee), still has a way to go to win over the supporters of his GOP opponents.  About four in ten Republican voters don’t think Trump cares about people like them, and believe he cares more about himself than the country.  A third are dubious about his plans for the economy, think he is not honest and trustworthy, and say he isn’t ready to be Commander-in-Chief.


It’s among these groups that Trump’s opponents do well, though relatively few supporters of Rubio, Cruz and Kasich say their vote is mostly a negative one, against the other candidates.

What separates Trump voters from those supporting other candidates is the importance of the issue of immigration.  While Republican voters generally think the economy is the country’s most important issue, no matter whether they are for or against Trump, Trump’s supporters are nearly five times as likely as supporters of other candidates to say immigration is the issue that matters most to them.   But Trump’s brashness may be more important than his issue positions.  The most important reason people support Trump, chosen by both Trump supporters and opponents in the party, is that he is not politically correct.

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3 comments on “USA – Trump polling over 50% nationally – American Video Warning!!

  1. I am American, as you know, Shaun, and I am TOTALLY AGAINST Donald Trump! He is a racist and bigot! I dislike immensely the power the media has given to me. Many of us are embarrassed and ashamed that others in our country are rallying behind him. Everyone I know, says that IF a Republican gets into office, we are leaving this country! Believe me, if I had the funds and did not have to leave behind my grandchildren, I would leave too! Trump is a disgrace! He is like Hitler! and his hate speech has caused and incited racial and bigoted attacks against other USA citizens.

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    • OM MY GOD!! I say that because not many friends from the USA say this out loud, most say it in private. I am in Scotland as you know, I can only research what I am sent or what I can kinds…Is it as bad as I am telling? People in your Country who may not know, need to know. If 10 is worse and 1 is ok…What number would you put on your Country today?
      Good reply in the sence of feelings and truth. Thanks for a human comment Johann x


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