Iain Duncan Smith Resignation Letter – Nicola Reacts to it

And here was me thinking he loved killing the Disabled

And here was me thinking he loved killing the Disabled

Forgive me with the late news, was not online at all Friday, but to see this was a relief. Was it all an act? I am thinking probably, I don’t think the Tory would stick a dagger into another Tory, so what is the REAL REASON for Ian Duncan Smith walking away? And having a go at the Chancellor of the UK George Osborne on his way out. I am only sharing the letter (Alleged at this point) and the tweet from Nicola Sturgeon for now. This is good news on the face of it. Scottish and English people power did this if it is ‘what it is’ We kept at it, we kept poking and proding and asking, we never stopped, we petitioned and we really just never stopped. Great effort from everyone who made this happen. Do know this means we are more Democratic than we maybe though. Our voices, collective voices did this. Maybe we have saved peoples lives while doing so. Well done ALL who kept on this guy and the Tory for their Austerity against the Disabled mainly. Well done everyone in the UK, well done Scotland!!


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And Nicola Sturgeon was not slow in asking the OBVIOUS


Right on it with the real question!


Now 1 evil is gone, who can we get rid of next?


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2 comments on “Iain Duncan Smith Resignation Letter – Nicola Reacts to it

  1. We stood up, marched, petitioned, we made tis happen. We being the people ok the UK. This guy caused 50,000+ suicides. Today he can’t harm Scotland, but we help our English and Welsh friends


    • No Bravo needed…We did it so the poor could eat, so the disabled got help, so the old could heat themselves….There is no happy story here Anne…. But we hope to create one…This ‘Arsehole’ will just be replaced by another Austerity Arsehole England will have to fight…And that is what Scotland will still fight with our English Brothers and Sisters…Why they voted Tory is as confusing to them as our No vote….
      Strange times are a coming Anne…
      …And you and I are BOTH in the firing line..


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