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Curriculum Vitae
Shaun Gibson


*** ***
Mob: ***********
E-Mail:****************** < I had to do something!!

SFA Coach Education Courses:
Kids Level 1 – Early Touches – 6 Feb ****
Kids Level 2 – Coaching Young Footballers – 13 & 20 Feb ****
Level 1 Goalkeeping – 12 Jun ****
Youth Level 2 – Coaching Youth Footballers – 19 & 26 Mar ****
Youth & Kids Level 3 – Coaching in the Game – 23 & 30 Apr ****
Youth Level 1 – Development Activities – 11 Sep ****
Level 1 & 2 Goalkeeping – ****
Level 1 Adult – ****

To do: Working With Adults Level 2 +

sunday mail coaching awardI won a nomination in **** for a coaching award at grass routes from the Sunday mail.
I was also offered the Berwick Rangers 21’s Job at Under 19s level from a Mr Kevin Bolton.
Since Fernieside ****s folded due to half the site going pro youth/initiative, at this time I have had 22 offers, From Under 13’s to under 21’s to YI/juniors/seniors from various levels.

Managerial/Club Secretary Experience:
Abbeyhill BC (Head Coach)**** to **** – 7 a side football
3 Semi Finals (****)
2 Final (****)
Developed 9 kids into club level in the East of Scotland Youth region

Gorgie Hearts AFC – Adults (Club Secretary / Manager/Head Coach) – **** to ****
Sunday Amateur Adult:
Promotion to Div 2 in second season
Last 32 of the Scottish Cup in second season
Elevated the club to Saturday football for season ****/****
Saturday Amateur Adult:
Stabilized club at higher Saturday level – Lothian Edinburgh (LEAFA)
Last 64 of Scottish Cup – ****/****
Miller Cup Final Season ****/****
Won Edinburgh West League ****/****
Won Dunedin Cup ****/****.
Fernieside ****’s **** till ****
Final of Association of Hearts supporter’s cup at Tynecastle Park.
Final of the League Cup winning 3-2 at the Gyle Recreation Ground
Division 2 League Winners

Also another several games in small stadiums or big as a manager and coach at various levels helping out freinds

I took a year out from football as my partner and I had kids in season ****/****


Sponsorship deals:

BadgeGorgie Hearts AFC Season 1
£400 deal for Home Kit – Wheatsheaf Inn
£200 deal for Trophies – Links Engraving

Gorgie Hearts AFC Season 2
£150 deal for Training Eqpt – Wheatsheaf Inn
£500 deal for Home Kit – Pierinos (Leith)
£200 deal for Trophies – Links Engraving

Gorgie Hearts AFC Season 3
£450 deal for Away Kit – Mid Yoken (Pub/Restaurant)
£850 deal for Training tops – 1st Fix Scotland (Double glazing firm)

Gorgie Hearts AFC Season 5 and 6
£200 deal for Trophies – Links Engraving
£2,000 a season deal with Unison, Trade Union
£1000 deal for Tracksuits – IME, Property Investment group

indexFernieside ****s Season 1 and 2
£500 Sponsorship deal with McDonalds Restaurants
£1,500 Sponsorship with trade Union the Trade


Stopped working for Fernieside Football Club at under 16 levels as majority of players were picked up by bigger clubs. I was Happy the players got a higher level, but sadly causing the side to fold. Both **** ***** and myself were offered back to Fernieside not soon after.
I was working with Edinburgh United Football club season ****/****, but a severe breakdown between me and 1 club committee member meant I had to walk away. Too much interference from one of my player’s dads who was a committee member. My assistant **** ***** walked away from this as he seen it as unworkable. He was proved to be right. Interference was really bad from one committee member to the point he was showing up at games and coaching, to the frustration of myself and the players and family/friends/spectators.

civilservicestrollersfc-thumb-1409191I then had a time with Civil Service Strollers Under 21’s East of Scotland. My disability stopped what was a really good start. First game we beat the Adult East of Scotland Squad 1-0 with a man sent off, all good in the end. Very hard group of kids who had a season at Sunday Pub Football the year below made it impossible to work with in a professional way, only a few wanted to be Football Players and the ones that did still now play a high level of football, the rest are the same as other kids I knew, waste of a good chance at football life. In the end the pain won. I couldn’t deliver a decent enough coaching session to my standards where I explain why a kid or adult had to run as I asked. I believe in a philosophy in Football of attacking football, I always play 3 strikers in a revolving 4-5-1 formation of defence and attack. “They do an activity, and then explain to your players why” was my way; players loved it, young minds more so. I have seen ex-pro players take amazing to the eyes sessions but not explain why they asked the squad of players to do each activity. My issue in the end was with the SFA and how it coached kids in football ability and how we as coaches were restricted from trying to develop young minds and nurture ‘A PROSPECT’ into a sensible young man then adult. The whole of Scottish football is geared up for money and lies are told to protect fiscal problems. From the top to the bottom I believe the SFA is not as good as it should be. Many need to look in a mirror at what they do and allow to happen. The bigger the flub fiscally from kids to adults, the easier a ride this club gets in ways of player development and taking players from a good environment to a bad one, thus ruining thousands of kids dreams with money at 16 year old.

DSCF0012I no longer can be considered for Either Manager or Coach at any club. I had over 40 offers since I stopped and saying no is very hard. Your mind says yes, your body says no. There should be a better organised Disabled Football pathway in Scottish football also. This is the link to ‘Disabled Football in Scotland’ at the SFA:

I still many of these kids, none look like this any more

I still know many of these kids, none look like this any more

We need change at the top, the very top. I have my own opinions but know these opinions are what I seen and witnessed. Football gives us amazing moments to treasure and also hard moments to get over. It is just a game and we don’t allow our kids to make mistakes in too many places. Kids are put off by angry voices be them a coach or their own Dad. I never belittled my own sons in football, I had 1 as a coach myself because I knew the boy could make it, in the end injury stopped his progress when Falkirk were watching him, and my son is only 22 today and really could still make it. My son is a consequence of the bad side of Scottish Football. Through owning and running a club, working at the start for a School then 3 other club owners I seen both amazing and awful things. In the end all we are left with in football are the good moments. I know this as a fact but the memories I have are all amazing and worth every pain it ever gave me or anyone else. I met coaches like myself who were progressive in terms of seeing Scottish Football NEEDING to change. We challenged the SFA many times but the big clubs always voted against us, in-fact many times they stopped the vote altogether. Money was at stake and for Scottish Football to progress we MUST start doing what is right for the kid, not the bank ballance, yet I understand why the money is so important to some clubs. It is a ‘Turn the coin around problem’ Many see heads, some see tails. We need change and I would personally start at the very top, an 18 team SPFL where we will 100% see kids almost forced to play a higher level before they are ready but also it makes them ready (Turn the coin around) The money will come no matter what. Big teams taking the best players from the smaller teams is something we see all over Europe but when you see it with a (Example) 12 or 13 year old kid it can leave you almost disgusted. We can and must do better or Scottish Football will remain at the level it is now. Up till Under 17’s we challenge the best Europe and the World has to offer, I have seen it many times, but after that we regress so badly right to the top of the leadership and it’s reasons or lack of there in. All I can do now in any context is still do my job and report Coaches who swear at and threaten kids almost who make a mistake at 9 years old all the way to Under 21’s. We must allow mistakes or the player becomes fear.

coaching in the game - Kids And Youth - level 3 (Double Cert)

coaching young footballers - kids - level 2

coaching young footballers - youth - level 2

development activities - youth level 1 copy

early touches - kids - level 1

Goalkeeping Level 1

I also have 4 FULL Disclosure Scotland Certificates from the 4 clubs I worked at and small Disclosure Scotland for helping at other clubs.

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