Pictures & Music ♫ Love and tributes ♪ #BrusselsAttacks


The World cries for the human cost

Why this happened is irrelevant today, what causes this to happen is irrelevant today. I only ever look at the human cost of these hard stories. If I gave my opinions on why this is happening, I am only disrespecting those we lost yesterday. Today isn’t about WHY; today is about standing together as a SPECIES. I took an amazing song and some images from yesterday and, in tribute to the lost and hurting, I hope if you have a God he gives you solace in these hard moments, be you involved, affected or not

Enya – Only Time Lyrics
[VIDEO] Via: shaun gibson on You Tube


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4 comments on “Pictures & Music ♫ Love and tributes ♪ #BrusselsAttacks

  1. I started doing these music with images as they had a bigger impact on things.. The suffering some are going through today must be something I hope we never feel. My heart and soul go out to them all…


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