Scotland Bill Passes – No Disolving of Hollyrood – No New Referendum In Deal!!

vendettaLink below from STV proving the bill passed. This guy who had these claims is a decent lad, I like him, but he is sadly wrong, he built up hope for old people, poor people, disabled people to you and I who want the same free Scotland, and with so many asking in hope, someone had to say the truth, I was on block when I showed him STV news below, I was blocked all over social media because I questioned his story, one I did blog till I deleted and told him why. The bill passed! The guy has been telling anyone who will listen the Scotland Bill would be rejected then the lords and peers of Scotland with the SNP would walk away from the Union and Scotland was to be free TODAY because the Tory were going to try and close Holyrood, in the city I live in, not 10,000 miles away where this guy lives. I just told him the bill has been passed, he said “Later Today” not knowning it’s like nearly 9pm here and blocked me. He is NOT a liar, he was just wrong, this was his blog on


He had people believing this video below was Nicola telling you and I this was our day of Independence. Buddy, you were just wrong ok, don’t delete everyone who says it won’t happen. Why? Because it won’t. The SNP sold us all down a river by not picking up the 45%, the SNP also had to have a “No New Referendum” clause inserted for these extra powers. IT PASSED! And this video was Nicola whilst 2nd in charge, before the Referendum we lost. In this video you had Scottish people who live in Scotland believing and having hope in a new future. I ask your motives today, because I told you when I read this it wouldn’t happen. I would rather have, as usual, have this in private but I am sorry, you are filling people’s heads with lies and giving people who are poor and disabled FALSE HOPE. You said I deleted you 3 months ago when you could CLEARLY still speak to me, now you block me because I was the ONLY voice saying ‘I think you are wrong ******’. Now your story and blog I will leave above so people can see it because you will delete it I guess


Deputy First Minister announces independence day
Via: Scottish Government on You Tube


New powers for Holyrood as Scotland Bill agreed in Commons

Via: STV News


Holyrood will be handed a raft of new powers after the Scotland Bill was agreed by the House of Commons for the final time on Wednesday.

The Bill will hand Scotland powers over income tax, air passenger duty, abortion law, the Crown Estate and benefits. It also sets in stone the permanence of the Scottish Parliament, requiring a referendum to abolish it.

Scottish secretary David Mundell, the nation’s sole Conservative MP, described the passage of the Bill as a “truly significant day”. But SNP MPs warned that in future they do not want to be “given crumbs from the table at Westminster”.

Mr Mundell said: “It provides even greater opportunities for the Scottish Government to tailor and deliver Scottish solutions to Scottish issues. The Scottish Parliament that returns in May will be a powerhouse parliament that has come of age.”

But Angus MacNeil, the SNP MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, criticised the approach to devolution taken by the Tory Government. He said: “Isn’t it time that we moved away from the devolution that is effectively crumbs from the table from Westminster and moved to a model that Copenhagen shares with the Faroe Islands and Greenland: The larder is open, you choose your own powers. No longer should we be given crumbs from the table at Westminster but the Scottish Government takes the powers the Scottish Government wants from Westminster when it wants.”

Mr Mundell said Mr MacNeil had struck a “rather sour note,” and claimed that the Bill delivers the recommendations set out by the post-referendum Smith Commission on further devolution.

SNP Westminster group leader Angus Robertson said the Bill is “progress”, but he insisted there is still further to go as he suggested people who voted for Scottish independence had brought about the devolution of more powers. Thanks to all of those Yes voters, thanks to all of those SNP voters, Westminster has had to take note,” he said. This is just the latest stage on Scotland’s journey. There will be many more.”

The Scotland Bill cleared its final Commons vote unopposed and will become law once it has received royal assent.

~~~~End Story~~~~

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