Health, benefits and herbs!!

Brilliant read by an amazing girl who suffers almost as I do. Disabled? You may want to read this, very informative. Great blog Claire xx


So haven’t done a update for a while regarding my health, I mainly haven’t blogged about it due to the state of limbo I have found myself for the past 6 months..

So  health not any better working with drs but others you phone they just not interested like today called the Dr just to have a rude attitude especially when not your own & not really interested!! No interest in helping me solve the reason I not been able to eat etc just nothing!!! So really that was that…

Yesterday however I got a phone message from Dr saying after them chasing up a form it’s been sent away even tho this was supposed to be done last October!!! But at least it’s on its way to maximum’s now hopefully the 13 weeks a assessment time now into its 6 month.

Also had help from welfare right to help…

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