BREAKING – ISIS ‘Suspect’ Shot [NOT KILLED] During NEW Brussels Anti-Terror Raid

Suspect Shot And Injured In Belgium

Suspect Shot And Injured In Belgium

After an American friend told me tonight “Israel would kill ANYONE who messed with them” when I asked the question in this blog here Noticed it yet? Israel has not being targeted by ISIS or Other Terrorist About ISIS and Israel. The person was implying, without knowing that ONLY ISREAL COULD DEFEND AGAINST ISIS. Well sorry friend but Belgium has caught the #ALLEGED bad guy and NEVER KILLED HIM!! That is what some people from a certain country can’t and won’t understand that we DID NOT WANT TO KILL HIM! He will go to court and if found guilty to spend life in a HARD PRISON in Belgium. If guilty he is someone’s ‘Plaything inside a Belgian Jail’ till he dies. Well done counter intelligence in Europe on this one.


A suspect has been shot and wounded by police in Brussels as part of a massive terror crackdown netting several significant arrests. The man, wearing a backpack, failed to respond to police demands to raise his arms and was shot in the leg as he stood with a young girl. It was initially believed he was linked to the attacks in the Belgian capital that killed 31 people on Tuesday, at the airport and metro.

Armed police have cordoned off the area

Armed police have cordoned off the area

But Belgian media suggested the man may have been shot in error. Sky’s Mark Stone said it was understood the man failed to respond to police because he did not understand French or Flemish.

Man Now In Custody

Man Now In Custody

“It is a demonstration, at the very least, of just how jumpy and anxious the authorities are,” Stone said. Footage filmed from an overlooking building shows a man lying on the ground, apparently wounded, being dragged away by police.

Witness Norman Kabir said: “When he was sitting on the bus stop – he was with his daughter, I think it was his daughter, a very small girl. The police shoot one time, two cars coming, the police shoot and they take the daughter, his daughter.”

The shooting came after security forces cordoned off an area in the suburb of Schaerbeek. A series of explosions were heard. This is the same district where police found explosives and an IS flag earlier this week, in a flat used by Tuesday’s attackers. The suspect was one of three people arrested today in Brussels, as well as six in raids in the city overnight and one in Paris yesterday.

Helen and James Cain

Pair ‘Stopped From Seeing Victims’

 Two of those arrested today were shot in the leg. Explosives have been recovered.  One of those detained overnight is believed to be the accomplice of suicide bomber, Khalid El Bakraoui, who died on the metro. He had been the subject of a manhunt, along with a suspect dubbed “the man in white”. The “man in white” was pictured at Zaventem Airport with suicide bombers Najim Laachraoui and Khalid’s brother Ibrahim.

At least one of today’s raids in Brussels has been linked to the arrest of a suspect near Paris on Thursday. The Paris suspect – Reda Kriket, 34 – was said to be in the “advanced stages” of a plot to launch an attack in France. He was detained in the northwest suburb of Argenteuil, late on Thursday night with a quantity of explosives.

Brussels Attacks: The Victims And The Missing

Abaaoud was killed during a raid by police in the Saint-Denis area of Paris, days after orchestrating the terror strikes in the city. Intriguing details have also emerged from a police interview with Salah Abdeslam, arrested in Brussels last week, over the Paris attacks.

Le Monde newspaper reported that Abdeslam was shown photographs of the three Brussels bombers three days before the attacks. It is reported officers failed to challenge his claim not to know the suspects, who were preparing to strike.

Mason Wells

US Teen Recalls Brussels Horror

 Meanwhile, the younger brother of Najim Laachraoui has also been speaking, describing his sibling as “a nice boy – especially intelligent”. Mourad Laachraoui, 20, said: “I feel bad, that’s all – scared and saddened.” Their family was a practising Muslim household, but he could not say what put his brother on the path to violent extremism.”I’m no psychologist, no idea,” said Mourad.The Laachraoui family warned Belgian police that Najim had gone to Syria in 2013 when he called them about leaving. His brother said he had searched for his brother on Facebook to try to persuade him to come home but they had had no contact with him since he left.



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