This Video of Trump Reading “The Snake” is Going Viral in Europe

Won't be POTUS but the international community pray he doesn't

Won’t be POTUS but the international community pray he doesn’t

A YouTube video depicting a stark warning from presidential candidate Donald Trump regarding the refugee crisis is continuing to go viral across the web. Reciting lyrics from the 1968 song “The Snake” by Al Wilson, based off Aesop’s fable of The Farmer and the Viper, the business mogul explains how Europe is being slowly overtaken by radical jihadists, and because I live in Europe I can say this is not the truth here, this is Trump trying to make Americans as scared as US media is saying we are in Europe, but we are not scared, we don’t live in fear here nor be a coward and use fear for political gain, thankfully Europeans are a bit more smart and clever to fall for this, but are some Americans? I personnaly don’t fully agree on the serious side of this, more people have beeen killed by terrorists in the USA than anywhere on Earth in the 1st World, unless it’s America doing the killing. If America is selfish and/or racist and afraid, it will support the most visible entity to free her, and as day turns to night, Trump becomes more possible to win POTUS. Some European Countries have 4 or 5 borders, it’s easy for terror to travel, but these Americans must remember this warnings below. Tweets and quotes from others below. Trump is now turning to Europe to fool people into fearing ISIS, this is Donald’s vote via fear and racism just showing more, Europe is not scared, why should we be? Europe is not like the USA, we hardly mix, just a cultural thing over here. But Trump is showing Americans a European lie, for votes. This much is clear and obvious.

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The Vicious Snake – Trump Reading
[VIDEO] Via: Rust E on You Tube


User Konduit on the Website has shared a video that has gone viral over here in Europe and I would advise Americans view this video, and the World too. Have Americans seen this? As the chat here is it’s not been shown on USA TV, Americans have not seen this, if true this backs up claims our Main Stream Media don’t ever give us the full story.


Via: Konduit  – Europe is full of diverse and beautiful cultures. It doesn’t need to import cultures that oppress women, murder gays and follow Sharia Law. It’s insane that the regressive left defends the very cultures whose values are completely opposite to their own liberal values, simply because its followers aren’t white skinned. There is nothing that increases intolerance more than importing intolerant cultures into yours.

I love Europe, it’s horrible to see what is happening to it. The birth place of democracy being reduced to this.
Spread knowledge of what’s going on. The media is doing a terrible job reporting this crisis.



Discotecha reply to: Konduit

Ok you point out a problem, well done, nobody in Europe ever knew there was a problem…..What I don’t see you posting is any kind of solution to fix this mess that both America and Europe have created. It’s all too easy to point fingers isn’t it and you rarely ever see people pointing their fingers offering sensible solutions to the problems that literally everybody is already aware of


Via: n00bUK -I’m against letting abled bodied young men who don’t have respect for my people and our ways into my country.

But then I’m also aware that my country played a huge part in destablising pretty much all of the middle east and supports the Whabbi regiem thats the biggest problem within Islam.  I’m not one of these blind bigots who choose to turn their noses up at the key element of the immigration crisis.  If we’re going to say you’re not welcome, then we need to stop #ing up their country.


Via: burgerbuddy

Are you suggesting europe just roll over because of the past? Not enough genocide for you? White guilt maybe?
It took hundreds of years to get them out, now it should be given back to the hordes? The middle east was christian, north africa was christian. Where are they now? The muslims already caused the dark ages once. Let’s not forget history lest we are doomed to repeat it.


kitzikreply to:Konduit

Can I ask you why you are giving the credit for this youtube clip “The vicious snake” to Donald Trump ?

It seems to be done by American televangelist circles.

I was flattered to see my own birth city Riga featuring in the first minute of this clip. Up until very recently this remote country Latvia bordering with Russia wouldn’t be chosen to represent the “good, peaceful cultural Europe”.
Ironically, it will also be the last country in the wish list of Middle East migrants to settle in. Ok, this is a bit off topic.

My main question is why to involve Trump ? It seems to me like an american pre election propaganda for Trump.
Trump is not European, he is a product of American culture. But American culture is to Europe like Roman culture to Greece.


By:sjake111 I am convinced the Euro liberal brain is just wired differently than red blooded Americans. You Euros need to somehow get your balls yo drop and do something about the invading army while you still have a chance. You are embarrassing.


kitzik reply to: Alien Abduct

The problem of Muslims flooding Europe is real, but it will be a great mistake if Americans choose Trump as antidote.
Trump is dangerous not only for Americans but the whole western civilization. It will be the repeat of Nazi Germany on a greater scale.


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