#Breaking – US Capitol shooting: Gunman wounds Capitol police officer

One Capitol police officer was shot

One Capitol police officer was shot

Word on You Tube and a few other people, 1 for sure who sent me this breaking news is ISIS are to blame. I don’t want to scare anyone but ISIS have had a mention and this story is STILL breaking. Is this is ‘Black op? I don’t know. But it is breaking news. All the stories breaking are HERE all you have to do is click that. Also, is this the fear I said would arrive in the USA so more will vote for Trump? I don’t know, I can speculate but also speculate with knowledge of this ongoing story. Also someone just told me it was not ISIS, so for now it could be anyone. This is developing as we speak

US Capitol Shooting: Police Officer Shot, Suspect In Custody
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Shooting at US Capitol Visitor Center, White House Locked Down [BREAKING]
Via: YouHotNews on You Tube

Moment of gunshots (shooting) at US Capitol – March 28, 2016
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Via: BBC


Gunshots have been reported at the visitor centre at the US Capitol in Washington and workers have been told to take shelter.

The Capitol’s Sergeant-At-Arms said the gunman has been caught and one police officer was wounded.

The Capitol building is on lockdown due to the security threat, according to an email sent to congressional staffers.

People outside have been told to seek cover.

No one is currently allowed in or out of any buildings in the Capitol complex.

Capitol Police are expected to issue a statement soon.

US Congress is on recess for the Easter holiday, but some members of Congress and staff members were on site.

To enter the US Capitol or any Senate or House office buildings, visitors must go through a metal detector and weapons are not permitted.

~~End Story~~

Washington shooting: Footage from scene

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