Fascination of Islam when other Religions are as bad – Words kill too


Just because a Religion does not kill does not mean it is a Religion of peace. Most days I speak with Religion and I see Catholic’s hate Protestants, Christians hate Islam, really it’s that bad. I want to keep this quick in the hope of adult debate here. For the record once more, there are 1.6 BILLION Muslims, not all are a part of Islam and the facts are that 3% of Islam is hate. Look to other Religions and we see WestBoro Baptist Church. These fools go to funerals of dead Soldiers and kids, I am asking if one is worse than the other here. Sure ISIS is noticeable more because it kills. ISIS does not stand for true Islam and fake Islam does not stand for Muslims. True Christianity does not stand for all, yet it hates all the same. When will people wake up to the reality ‘Religion is hate’? People are very foolish and quick to point at other Religions they don’t realise they are in-fact casting stones. I have no Religion, but I do try to understand Religion, sadly others see my questions as hate. So the logical question is simple for me “Who here is hating?”

Catholic (Celtic) Protestant (Rangers) hate in Scotland

Catholic (Celtic) Protestant (Rangers) – Hate in Scotland

Here in Scotland I grew up in Religious hate that was as political as it was Religious. The people Globally I speak with did not grow up in Religious hate myself and others did and still do. I will say this out loud, the genocide inside Palestine is a Religious entity fulled by Christianity and utter contempt for human life. When I share images of dead Kids, Christianity will say “But they started it” or even Worse “Palestinians should be in Jordon” That really annoys me that because that is not a 2016 answer to most visible hate there is in Religion I wrote this here American Christianity Will Happily Keep Palestine Occupied. Why?, I was asking if Christianity is keeping this story happening . ISIS is being funded by the same people you and I vote for, denying that truth is what they want us to do, they want us to be hate. Divide and Conquer is at play and most are playing the part without knowing. What happened to free will? I am just asking, why does Religion hate so much? Why would some have their own family killed or the World blown up to protect their book and scripture? That I think is a huge question here. A song I love to bits and some tweets below

Hozier – Take Me To Church
Via perevod-ka on You Tube

Europe and the World stand behind Palestine for HUMAN REASONS, NOT HATE

Europe and the World stand behind Palestine for HUMAN REASONS, NOT HATE


Presidential ISIS – Who funds this?

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