Thousands of Ancient Petroglyphs, ‘Dramatic’ Solar Calendar Reported in N. Arizona

Thousands of Ancient Petroglyphs

Thousands of Ancient Petroglyphs

Always on the lookout for an interesting story I received this in the mail this morning, just sat down and read it and researched it to make sure it was true and what a fascinating finds for that part of the USA. Historically, or historically that I can tell, not many ancient petroglyphs of this nature have been found in this region. With a lot of hidden cave dwellings still waiting to be discovered this is exciting news for the Science and evelution community. Always when our species finds these things do we learn a little more about our history be it local or distant from the finder, the finder being me through I will keep my eye on this one for sure. I am a firm believer a huge portion of Earth’s past with us Humans in it be us Homo erectus and Homo ergaster is missing. I hear ‘The Missing Link’ theory every day through emails and general chit chat. Now keep in mind if you are very religious the World to you is 5,000 years old and Adam and Eve were placed here and we multiplied from a man and a woman who eat an Apple! Yeah, I know. Science has proven more than fact the Earth is Billions of years old, this dating is based on evidence from radiometric age dating of meteorite material and is consistent with the radiometric ages of the oldest-known terrestrial and lunar samples. As we all know as science fact Dinosaurs (If you believe in them) died 65.5 million years ago. And I know I just annoyed some American’s 😀 Joking aside, this is my kind of story, I would much rather tell these stories than ISIS, put it that way. These finds PRE-DATE Christianity even though Cross’s were found on site! Crazy yeah!

Red Tank Draw Petroglyphs – Arizona
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Another possible


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Timeline 3

All the periods in our Species and other species time line, PROVEN facts




3-Archaic-Zoomorph-300x249Archaeologists exploring the remote mesas of northern Arizona have uncovered a trove of previously undocumented rock art, including more than 1,500 petroglyphs, and confirmed the presence a prehistoric solar calendar, which has been marking the seasons for more than 700 years with a striking “shadow dagger” that travels across its sandstone face.

Researchers made these finds in the backcountry of Wupatki National Monument northeast of Flagstaff, which includes the ruins of dozens of sites built by Ancestral Puebloans known as the Kayenta and the Sinagua. Experts with the Museum of Northern Arizona [MNA] and the National Park Service set out to explore the isolated reaches of the monument in 2014, in order to document the full extent of the rock art and other features that scientists had not studied in decades or, in many cases, had never seen before.

“As a result of the current project, the NPS now has a complete library of photographic images of every panel, every element, and every feature [in the study area]”, said MNA’s David Purcell, who supervised the study.

“And we were able to expand the scope of the project … and conduct some pilot analysis of how the rock art is oriented to the horizons, and conduct detailed additional documentation of the solar calendars.”

Over nearly two years, including many special visits to watch the interplay of sunlight at certain spots during equinoxes and solstices, the11-The-Light-Ray researchers combed areas known as Horseshoe Mesa, Middle Mesa, and an unnamed landform that they dubbed Little Mesa. In that time, they documented 122 panels of petroglyphs at Horseshoe Mesa — 50 of which had never been recorded before — and 107 panels at Middle Mesa, 88 of which were new to scientists.

Horseshoe-Mesa-Solar-Calendar-detailMany of the panels contained several, sometimes dozens, of individual petroglyphs, resulting in more than 1,500 separate glyphs being recorded for the first time. The most recent markings include graffiti made by American travelers in the late 1800s, and historic-era images of horses, barns, and cattle, sometimes with visible brands, scratched into the rock by Navajo inhabitants. But the study also turned up evidence of human occupation dating back farther than some researchers expected — including petroglyphs and a lone stone artifact that are typical of the so-called Late Archaic period, which dates back as much as 4,000 years.

“The most significant finding was the discovery by MNA Archaeologist Nancy Mueller of a complete Elko Corner-notched dart point [a style that dated from 1500 to 4000 years ago], as well as the finding of Panel 92, an isolated [petroglyph of a] bighorn sheep of the Glen Canyon Linear style, which suggests a Late Archaic presence at Horseshoe Mesa,” Purcell said.

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2 comments on “Thousands of Ancient Petroglyphs, ‘Dramatic’ Solar Calendar Reported in N. Arizona

  1. Most of my life has been spent living in this area, the land of the Anasazi. Remember that many symbols, including crosses and swastikas, predate the usages we are familiar with.

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    • Yeah, seen the opening scenes of the ‘Da Vinci Code’ I knew all this of course, but you are correct, because someone asked me why ‘Nazi sign is there…Knowledge gives us truth…


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