Indycampers at war with each other following courtroom shambles

imgID61274256.jpg-pwrt3Listen, I have the UTMOST respect for those involved in the Indycampers, they are doing all they can to help free Scotland and are all making huge sacrifice to camp out, but I want to point you to a story many hate me for, but one so visible to many of us, some voiceless, that we see it as a complete grind to a hault of the Yes Movement. When Yes voters started to argue with each other about a year ago I was on it in a flash because this is what THEY want us to be doing. They don’t have to do anything other than what most Yes voters do, me included, and that is ironically, sitting at a PC sharing useless nonsense and almost hating each other and being accused of hate when in-fact we are trying to allow the freedom of information to pass as freely as our Scottish minds want our Country free from London. Scotland we are falling to bits, hating, gossiping and being rude. At least when I said what I had to say about one blogger, I said it to his face (Well, Skype) and then told everyone else what I thought. I never once hated, he is a good man, but he is 1 from many decent people doing real damage to the Yes Movement why? To gain notoriety and feel special? I was in well over 100 Scottish Yes Groups when it just got too much. Many good people were turning away and in their place I seen a Unionist running many groups and sites and not many of us even seen it. Ask why this happened below and ask why this can’t happen? Nobody has given good reason as to why this can’t happen, and I mean the blog 3 below the IndyCamp video, but when we know only 238 people are involved at IndyCamp, that sadly is a sure fire sign we can’t be bothered Scotland. I have an excuse, what are yours?. We are too far apart in how we think and act. I personally do this to give myself knowledge and if I can learn more on the way and so do others, brilliant, we might get somewhere. Right now Yes voters, as they call themsevels and targeting Bloggers and good Yes movement people via anyway they can. I said at the top I respect all involved in Indycamp, but the fact a few or all could end up with a Court bill really say’s it all for me. Wake up #Alba


Who wants to make an excuse? We can do it on a Sunday? Just try?

Who wants to make an excuse? We can do it on a Sunday? Just try


Robert declares war on the legal system and the high court edinburgh
[VIDEO] Via: Rob Ess on You Tube


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HOLYROOD’S indycamp has been thrown into turmoil following a disastrous eviction hearing at Scotland’s top civil court.

Major infighting has broken out between factions associated with the camp, which was established when activists arrived on the Scottish Parliament estate in November and vowed to maintain a vigil for independence until the country leaves the UK. Much of the conflict centres around a list of 238 people whose names were put forward to the Court of Session as being party to the ‘the sovereign and indigenous peoples of Scotland’, the collective name used by the campers to respond to the court action.

INdyCampCOURT1GTIt has been claimed that many of the people included on the list, who would be likely to become liable for costs should the parliament win its eviction case, had merely signed a declaration indicating their support for independence and had no idea their names would be put forward as part of a legal process.

The matter has come to a head following an order that the campers provide residential addresses for all of the respondents to the court action. Previously, all 238 addresses had all been given as the Scottish Parliament’s estate but at a final hearing at the Court of Session last Thursday, Lord Turnbull said it was clear that home addresses would be required and gave seven days to comply.

Members of a camp ‘legal team’, who are not legally trained but represented the campers in court, have clashed with organisers of the protest and blamed each other for providing the list.

One long-standing camp member, who is believed to have left the settlement, said she was preparing to write to the court to accept full liability in a bid to free 238 people from “lies” and warned of a “dire” situation. Members of a camp ‘legal team’, who are not legally trained but represented the campers in court, have clashed with organisers of the protest and blamed each other for providing the list.

He said: “If they have not obeyed this order then there will be serious issues there, if names have been provided that shouldn’t have been, the court will not be happy. The campers had every chance to comply with previous requests to vacate the land or at least give better arguments in court, but they haven’t done that. The Scottish Parliament corporate body can have an expectation of getting some, if not all of its expenses awarded to them.”

Both the parliament and campers are awaiting a written decision from Lord Turnbull over whether to uphold the eviction petition, although even some camp supporters are not hopeful of success after many of their legal arguments were dismissed as wrong by the judge who will decide the case.

~~End Story~~

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