USA Senate seek to probe Israeli ‘Human Rights Violations’ in Gaza *Letter Here*

Leahy asks Kerry to investigate Israel's alleged extrajudicial killings of Palestinians

Leahy asks Kerry to investigate Israel’s alleged extrajudicial killings of Palestinians

[The Full Letter by all 11 Congressmen is below] Senator Patrick Leahy along with 10 other Democratic congressmen have called on the US to investigate the possibility of “gross violations of human rights”by Israel’s and Egypt’s security forces, including “extrajudicial killings against Isreal and Egypt, AND NOT BEFORE TIME! America stopped this investigation being the only Country to vote no, stopping a vote that actually won, here is the vote for your memory to be jogged. I have backlinked a few stories that when researched bring you full circle to today’s news that Senator Leahy along with 10 others and possibly others want Isreal investigated for War Crimes in Gaza, this could be the freedom Palestine I believe, with many others, is going to happen and happen with no War. Palestinian’s have offices of politics all over Europe and the World, for me this is not about Isreal, this is about freeing a land locked people. Why American’s think it’s ok to imprison a people is ok, is frankly beyond me but Religion and their book to be kept correct is ALWAYS high on the ‘To Do’ list. Palestine will be recognised by more Countries. As of 14th September 2015, 136 Countries (70.5%) of the 193 member states of the United Nations and two non-member states have recognised the State of Palestine, so for the avoidence of doubt, 70% of the World already recognise Palestine. The people of Palestine are LAND LOCKED, IMPRISONED, NOWHERE TO GO, AND JORDON DOES NOT WANT THEM!! Let the World help these people! Because this is what is happening here, I am just SHOCKED the USA are prompting this investigation

UN Voted YES to investigate Isreal for War Crimes in Gaza

UN Voted YES to investigate Isreal for War Crimes in Gaza

Also: I think with this story we need understand it is oppression and genocide, Isreal use the Gaza strip as practice for weapons, but try telling that to your ‘average American who, for some strange reason think Isreal would destroy ISIS should ISIS bomb inside Isreal but never think to themselves “Why if Isreal are so great are they not helping the International community out today by helping to stop ISIS” The only answer my stupid mind can think is because Isreal fund ISIS. I have blogged many times the US/Isreal ISIS connection. Use common sense and logic and we know Al Qaeda terrorists were started and funded by the USA to help Afghanistan in 1979 when Russia invaded land, the USA hired Osama Bin Laden, there is no doubting this as it gets told in Schools over here. So it begs the easy question “Are ISIS just Al Qaeada renamed” And let us not forget: ISIS Documents Discovered Proving Illegal Oil Trade With Turkey and also U.S. General Openly Admits ‘We Helped Build ISIS’ – Was ‘Robin Cook’ Right? with a side salad of USA & Israeli military advisors arrested aiding ISIS terrorists in Iraq

Full Letter to John Kerry Below:


Page 1 of official letter


All 11 signatures, this is HUGE


[VIDEO] John Kerry Scripture Says US Should Protect Muslims – And not 1 American can give reason!!
Not one American has sat and listened to Mr Kerry and explained this to anyone. Because they CAN’T.
This confuses American’s with closed minds as it does the rest of the World with open minds. 


Israeli Air Force Drop Neutron Bomb in Yemen? Saudi Arabia implicated (Video)


UN Report Reveals How Israel is Coordinating with ISIS Militants Inside Syria


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Letter to Sec. of State Kerry calls for investigation into alleged extrajudicial killings and torture

Eleven US lawmakers – long-serving Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy and ten House representatives – sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to investigate alleged Israeli and Egyptian violations of human rights, political news site Politico reported on Tuesday.

Politico obtained a letter dated February 17 in which the legislators raised claims of human rights abuses, including accusations of extrajudicial killings by both Israel and Egypt. They also mentioned reports of torture in Israel.

A law that prohibits the US from providing military aid to foreign military units that violate human rights, originally introduced by Leahy nearly two decades ago, was cited in the letter.

“In light of these reports we request that you act promptly to determine their credibility and whether they trigger the Leahy Law and, if so, take appropriate action called for under the law,” read the letter obtained by Politico.

The Leahy Law applies to funding for specific units, not necessarily to entire armies.

The letter also suggested that US military assistance is compromising efforts to monitor possible human rights abuses.

“According to information we have received, the manner in which US military assistance has been provided to Israel and Egypt, since the Camp David Accords, including the delivery of assistance at the military service level, has created a unique situation that has hindered implementation of normal mechanisms for monitoring the use of such assistance,” the letter stated..

Politico suggested that the “real impact” of the letter “may be political: Israel’s unusual, if not unprecedented inclusion with Egypt on such an inquiry is likely to rile Israel’s allies in Washington, who bristle at the notion that the Middle East’s only established democracy could be lumped in with a notorious human rights abuser like Egypt.”

While the letter was evidently sent over a month ago, its existence was revealed amid a debate in Israel over an incident in which a soldier allegedly shot dead a wounded and subdued Palestinian attacker, who human rights NGO B’Tselem said no longer posed any threat.

The incident was captured on video, leading to the arrest of the soldier and condemnations by senior officials – and also sparking a national debate, with some on the Right arguing that the soldier was being unfairly demonized. Many also had criticism for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot for supposedly refusing to support the soldier. Hundreds protested in support of the soldier on Tuesday

~~End Story~~

Sen. Patrick Leahy

Leahy Asks Kerry to Investigate if U.S. Aid Contributes to Israeli ‘Human Rights Violations’ : Haaretz

US senator asks for probe into possible Israeli ‘extrajudicial killings’Times of Isreal

Americans United for Palestinian Human RightsAuphr

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