2 minutes of your time to complete! It is Anti Bullying/Suicide Survey



Via:A friend Lynne Somerville – This survey is of great importance 2 minutes of your time to complete! It is Anti Bullying/Suicide Survey and could help us to help save the lives of many children via technology that we propose. We need market research to back our funding application. This is done via NFP/NGO + charity UBER United. Share far we need as many replies as possible. – I am sharing this for Lynne as I personally in my 15 years coaching young and older kids as well as being a parent of a bullied kid who is now all grown up and working and moved out and in love. My son went through hell and after years of complaining and even me threatening the kids fathers nothing was done, fast forward from primary school to High School and my son had enough, he beat the 2 kids up who had been making his young life (Then) a misery not just for him but my partner and I as parents, and he got suspended, this happens more than we think. Don’t wait till a problem knocks on your door to have a voice about it, do it NOW and maybe by bringing awareness your kid won’t have to go through the hell my son and many others go through. I can say I know of several kids who tried suicide, so this really hits home. I hope you can be decent and give this a word or 2 out of your busy life. I have blogged this, I will leave what I can.

Here is the link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/


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8 comments on “2 minutes of your time to complete! It is Anti Bullying/Suicide Survey

    • Hey..x I am ok ish. Got put on proper M.E Medication today. Muscle tone is 60%, lost the 40 Pounds of weight I needed to…So 4 months of boxing Gym to go….And then the pain is worse, no medication for pain but I will look proper dapper 😀 (Joking)
      How you keeping yourself?
      Hope you and the family are doing ok…


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      • Great job with the boxing and losing the weight. The doctors all say that we have to stay active and exercise even though it hurts.
        I am also okay-ish. A day at a time, you know.
        My daughter is in college and working too. Proud of her!

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      • You should be proud, what she is, is your strengh..x Always life throws a curve ball. All I am doing is what you do…’Day at a time’..Don’t be sad it wasn’t what you wanted or needed…Be happy you have what you have hon..x
        I ain’t throwing out advice, I am telling you ‘You got this far’….You inspire people, me for sure..
        All in the lyrics right? ❤ x

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