Teens Threaten to KILL DONALD TRUMP in Amateur Rap Video = More Racism USA

In an INSTANT!! America becomes Racist, this time it's a Trump fan and Teen Rapper

In an INSTANT!! America becomes Racist, this time it’s a Trump fan and Teen Rapper Abdel Ibrahim

I could share hundreds

I could share hundreds

3 Fecked up video’s below! Abdel Ibrahim isn’t REALLY a Muslim name to start with here, don’t let Main Stream Media fool you! Well America if you didn’t know the consequences of Trump as POTUS, you do now. I don’t think neither the kid Rapper nor the Trump fan explaining the “Muslim Lyrics” is any better. 2 Video’s here. 1st one is this Song that went Viral earlier this afternoon in the UK, and all over the World, and many have done more hate back at it. I have to say race issues here because if I use certain words I RIGHTLY go to Prison. The song is wrong, I don’t like Trump but I don’t want him dead, not a cool song, their reasons may be good but their message spreading is bad. And I must point out Mark Dice is very racist in his talking about this song. America this is 1 wrong word, itchy trigger finger or action away from Civil War. All ANYONE has to do is kill in the name of this Election and Trump and its ‘Good Night USA’ Hating back is causing things to get worse. imagesMy Country just went through a Freedom Referendum and I know this hate, the only problem is you guys have guns, we don’t. This is shocking in BOTH videos but this is not a cool song at all, I can’t and won’t condone it. Nobody is going to ‘Pull’ this video from You Tube as it helps ‘a cause’, but some American’s are unaware or just stupid to what this is. Get ready America! You are being warned by Millions of people if you look. Also, look at the comments for either video, THAT IS HATE. A racial hate a Scot’s/Irishman is thinking “WOAH” about. And we don’t usually get worked up over a song. Ask different Scottish people or people from anywhere outside the USA and you will hear a truth you might not want to hear American.


♫ Fuck Donald Trump Diss ♪ Threats against Trump
[VIDEO] Via: Music Plug on You Tube


American talks about the “Trump Video” and is being Racist
[VIDEO] Via: Mark Dice on You Tube


YG – FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) ft Nipsey Hussle (LYRICS)




Read American’s Debate this: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1111497/pg1


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2 comments on “Teens Threaten to KILL DONALD TRUMP in Amateur Rap Video = More Racism USA

    • If you watch the video it starts with a kids voice giving his reasons or questions as to “Why am I being treated different”…Then he says “Because of my skin colour”…See it’s all Alien to us over here buddy. Your news says “Bl@ck kids killed” but not “White kid killed”…When a young kid died on a football park 2 miles from my home and I knew him, it hit the media, it was tragic, his heart just gave in during a game of football…And my World said “Kid Died”…. Nothing else, no other Words and he was a smashing kid, really wanted to learn and it was so sad..

      London and a few Northern parts of England have Radical Islam issues but it doesn’t impact our lives, there is a little hate but because we work beside, friends beside and accept Muslim in my culture, what I see in your Country is what the guy from New Zealand said in the image quote I added. We really, honest to God do not understand the name tagging. I can imagine the feeling of being ‘Named’ and how upsetting and annoying and angry it can make some. I get called a “Fenian Bastard” a lot mate….That is the most derogatory, disgusting term we have, but if you say it anger, you are getting 5 years in prison if found guilty, sadly the law helps criminals more so not many get porriage for breakfast…

      Do you think these kids are being “Young ISIS members” or trying to look like them? Is that what you see? Sorry if I read you wrong buddy, truly.
      What I see are kids with no hope in a World that names, brands and hates them. Trump says “I hate Muslims” and his new one “Prison for Woman who want to have an Abortion”…… I think like any Culture or people in a culture, when you are hating or being hated for so long, division is caused. US Media and Government hardly do a thing to help this cause.
      Quick example. Logic alone dictates you don’t read out the #Ferguson jury findings at 8PM when it’s dark outside with people ready to be angered because they know the Cop would get away free adn that Cop is now a Millionair with new ID living God knows where. He shot the kid in the head, the kid was screaming ‘Help’…Kid had no Gun…If I seen the video, your Government/cops/lawmakers seen the video…I think ‘maybe’ that is where anger can build up.

      PS: Hope you are well buddy…All this crap aside..Would be good to chat again.

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