WOW – Little Boy With Down’s Syndrome & His Dog – Unconditional Love Video


This is a bit special

Amazing video of a Little Boy With Down’s Syndrome & His loving Dog. First time I seen this years ago I had tears in my eyes, think I blogged this back in 2013, as moving today as it was then. THIS! is what being human is all about. Having the time to care about others but this is a dog, the dog is showing more love than or as much as any human could. I am one of these people, the same as many who can protect my family, but also do a 360 turnabout and cry at this. Sadly many ruin it by saying “Oh you cry at a stupid video” I don’t really care what people think truly I don’t, if people laugh, feck em right? So I express how I feel, big deal, it’s not a weakness, far from it, just being decent as I am. IThis was first posted years ago by Rich Muller this is his blog I had seen this version before, with the ♥ Music ♫

Just mind blowing, this is ❤ and I do wonder why people deny themselves that feeling, it is ok to cry you know, nobody will judge you, and if they do, so what? LIVE! You must watch and listen to the song. This dog knows something we don’t, this dog feels something we can’t, but I see it in my own dog, they say “Man’s best friend” I will say “People’s best friend” Dogs know things and can sense things. They are amazing to have around children, I have two young daughters and when we got Lisha our dog, she knew to be good with the girls, it was touching, but this video above captures THIS SOMETHING we all look for. I hope you agree, it’s magical and not often do we feel it to this level. You will see, sorry, enjoy 2 minutes of “LOVE AND LIFE” and a “Something” we all look for

More love

Less hate



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4 comments on “WOW – Little Boy With Down’s Syndrome & His Dog – Unconditional Love Video

  1. OH YES Shauny I have seen this before and it moves you to so much emotion words cannot express the feeling it gives you thank you for sharing again the world needs to see what unconditional love is. xxxx

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    • I think when we see all the bad things, bad news, things that are bad and upsetting…It’s good, as you say, to see things like this.. I am man enough to say I had a tear watching it after all these years.. lol


    • Thanks buddy…Yeah, just raw love, no reasons or anything. The dog understands…That is the amazing bit. And yeah, no words, just a decent song and an act we see less and less in this World…. Appreciated mate…


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