Deathbed CIA confession – 9/11 Twin Towers WERE RIGGED FOR DEMOLITION!!


As well as the dying CIA guy this is also the video of ‘Larry Siverstein’ owner of World Trade Center admitting “WE DECIDED TO PULL BUILDING  7”. Also an English guy took the BBC to court, the highest court in the UK over alleged 9/11 lies from the BBC…AND WON!!! UK man wins court case against the BBC for 9/11 cover up! <Click) Now we have ANOTHER confession 9/11 was like the JFK murder that America now admits freely they lied about Finally, The USA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination – As We All Knew. What we have here is an ex CIA member who is dying of what was breathed in on this fateful day. This man is dying, confession about controlled demolition of world trade center buildings on 11/09/2001, this is not a conspiracy, not a theory, it’s as obvious as the USA killing JFK and the proof just builds up and we can’t deny it unless we are ignorant or scared. This is how our World works. This guy is saying both Towers WERE HIT BY PLANES, but they were #Pulled to stop the towers falling into homes and nearby buildings, the story just adds up. As always I offer £1,000 for proof a plane hit the pentagon. I don’t claim this is true, but it’s very hard to debunk the lies, 9/11 caused ISIS today, events were created for obvious USA foreign policy reasons. Tweets and other media sharing this below as always. As one user rightly points out “In my book if this guy is telling the truth he is a murdering scumbag and should not be held in any regard. It would be great to get the truth out.. But this man would be no different to any terrorist out there should this be true.. “

9/11 breakthrough confession – Deathbed Confession
Via almadeusstar via You Tube


This means the planes hit but did not cause the Towers to fall: CIA Pilot ‘SWEARS ON OATH’: Planes Did Not Bring Towers Down On 9/11[VIDEO]

Proof, not my words here: Bill Clinton Admits “Pentagon Was Bombed On 9/11’ – What does this say about our leaders?

Will Russia and Iran ever release this? RUSSIA CLAIM TO HAVE PROOF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT ‘DID 9/11’

If you know WWII History and the Reichstag fire, this makes sense: The Parallels between the 1933 Hitler Reichstag Fire and 2001 9/11

Not my words: Rand Paul: Dick Cheney used 9/11 as excuse to invade Iraq for the benefit of Halliburton


9/11-WTC7 Larry Silverstein says ‘PULL IT’ (INSIDE JOB) 43 seconds in
Via TUMNIAISETU via You Tube


University of Alaska Launches 9/11 Controlled Demolition Investigation

9/11 Facts 10-Page Timeline of 9/11 Facts From Major Media

The families od dead and still dying want the truth



a aDemolition_squib


This is why English man WON court care againt MSM for lies on 9/11

This is why English man WON court care againt MSM for lies on 9/11

Use simple logic

Use simple logic



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