Possible ‘Sinkhole’ – Developing Story – North/West Edinburgh – UPDATE


Yesterday not far from my house this happened, Breaking – Possible ‘Sinkhole’ – Developing Story – North/West Edinburgh, Woke up today and they gave this a good clean and fix. They removed all dead tarmac and cleaned all the mess up. One person joked “So the Scottish Government make mistakes like the USA Government” 😀 And I got the joke, but to answer you, they did this in less than 24 hours. Good area this happened and we do look after it. Anyway, all fixed for now but I think they will need to start again with this section of the road. I am up the hill a lot more, it’s a road I use to get up to my house, also a pity as many old people live on this street and parking cars is gone for them. But I heard some local people have allowed the older people effected to park their cars in neighbours driveways or in-front of their homes. I friggin love this old fashioned area so I do 🙂









Almost like Earthquake damage

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