♫ Trump, Bernie or Hillary ♪ The real and present danger of the USA ♫

indexAmazing lyrical song below, it’s Lyrics stand today as they did almost 10 years a go when it was written.Religious America will see this as evil, American people who have a clever or free mind will understand 100% where I am coming from. Just had a 7 person chat on Skype with 7 Americans and these 7 people are thinking how I blog about the real and present danger facing America just now, right now. People are voting blindly and selfishly, I know TOO MANY Americans who can’t answer this question I always ask if it comes up while talking “Who are you voting to be next POTUS and why, what will that person bring to your Country to better it?” < Not one American can really, truly answer that question. The rest who want to answer say “We don’t know who to vote for, all 3 are damaged goods” But if I was American I would take a chance on Bernie, he wants to bring your tax dollars back to the people, stop wars, have FREE Healthcare and a ton things the rest of the Western World live by, we live as Bernie is promising to deliver, so it makes Americans and others around the World who are afriad of a probable Hillary POTUS or possible Trump POTUS. If you guys vote in them 2, 1 will keep you on the path you are and the other will cause WWII, Trump has fallen out with the World, even having a go at Isreal, Trump offers hate and the sooner he is out of this the better before real Civil War starts and then Martial Law leading to what I suggested back in December 18th 2014 with CAN OBAMA USE MARTIAL LAW TO STAY IN WHITE HOUSE PAST 2016 and back then I could see what we see today unfolding, why didn’t Americans? or if you did why did you sit and do nothing and leave your Country and the World in more danger? A singer, tons of singers,indexhgfhgf actors try and tell you as they have the stage to do so. People, well over 100’s of Millions of people blog like I do and do You Tube video’s saying as I do, we are free minded and can take our minds to the worst or best. What is closing your mind? Goverment? Media? Religion? or a combination of all 3? Wake up America before you kill our planet with hate. But know I understand half or around half of Americans know what is coming, or what might happen if things don’t change. America you must stand up and change direction and vote Bernie Saunders or we all suffer, your kids and mine. But already your foreign policy is killing kids, so who does really car? Never in hate, always in debate…..Below as alway I leave tweets from around the World who are talking about this very subject. THIS SONG IS RELEVANT TODAY MORE THAN IT WAS THEN!! ps: The US Government looks at people like me as an enemy, but should we be surprised? I mean it is what they do right? 

...Know what I am saying?

…Know what I am saying?


Eminem – Mosh (Lyrics)
Via: menimEisevoLyrics on You Tube


Eminem-Mosh – Official Video
[VIDEO] Via: shaun gibson on You Tube


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