Gabriels Trumpet – Causes for Sky noises all over the World – Is this it?

What are these noises?

What are these noises?

Before you read on please understand I do not believe Aliens visit planet Earth, the story I am keeping on is one I used to write about a lot, it pointed more too Religious scripture rather than Alien life to me. Many, Millions of people around the World have heard noises in the sky and I got interested along with Millions of others. I myself called them ‘Gabriel’s Trumpet’ even though my rational mind was only asking questions to a story Millions have been telling for around a decade and even today. I don’t see God nor do I see Alien life here, just a strange EARTH story. I believe these noises are Government/Human made ‘Things’ as they have no name, unless we want to use the U.F.O classification, for those who don’t know this story that means Unidentified Flying Object only. To imply ‘Aliens’ to UFO’ for me is not a good way to think, too many of us hear ‘UFO’ and in an instant will think ‘Aliens’ then imply the person telling the story believes it is in-fact Alien, when it is not always the case. UFO is just what it is to me, unidentified. So back on story I will remind you of what I was writing about with these noises, and then I will ask if we can now know what these noises are. August 11th 2014 I wrote this Our planet is telling us something – Mother Nature – Our Species – Video and as you can see, a video, an important video of these noises has been removed by You Tube, as they are still happening I can find similar videos

Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide 2016… (Shocking POLICE Footage)
[VIDEO] Via: Jason A on You Tube


DISTURBING WARNING :Strange Sounds From The SKY Heard All Around The World
[VIDEO] Via: SkY neT 5 on You Tube


Now if you listened to these noises reported in all corners of the World are you as disturbed as I was when I first heard them? Now we know and understand there are strange noises in the sky, the next logical step is to ask “What is causing these noises” I have had people say “It’s the noise of the moon” to things like “It’s coming from within the Planet” and many other reasons. If you listened to the disturbing noises above what is your take? Because honestly I do not know, but I think I stumbled across a possibility. Now REMEMBER 😀 I do not believe Alien life visit’s Earth ok, this is vital when it comes to trust from Blogger/Writter to Reader, you the reader can only speculate if you know the full story right? Otherwise you reply blindly and often make yourself look stupid! How do I know? I used to do this when I heard this type of story, I would dismiss out of hand in an instant, I am asking you the reader if you think these guys have just solved the question of “What are these noises”? Please remember below every blog are 3 more blogs relating to the same story and I added some tweets from around the World too


TERRIFIED Man Records Giant MACHINE UFO Hiding In Sky 7/4/16 (Cause of noises?)
[VIDEO] Via: secureteam10 on You Tube


Would love to know what people think….

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