“Do not debate Politics or Religion” – We were told!! Why? Taboo Subject

last_time_we_mixed_politics_with_religion_bumper_sticker-p128165973497887551en8ys_400As always I am asking questions here, people will read hate, but I am just asking questions. So this is one from 2 topics our parents told us always “Do not talk about” and they were ‘Politics and Religion’ 😀 And because we were told not to talk about it, I wanted to know why. My young curious mind is exactly as it was then as it is today, I MUST get the answers and reason and why’s and how’s, don’t ask me why I was built this way, I am just happy I do think like this, I am an open minded person and always have been, it’s a great thing, but by saying this I annoy or anger Religious people, why is this? imagesjghgWhy are we told ‘Don’t talk Politics and Religion’? Well with both, from what I have seen, one cause’s great anger and hate while the other causes wars, deaths and worse. And now, just a few words back I offended minds set and ready to be offended, yeah these minds exist, I can’t deny that truth after 3 years of writing exactly what I should not have wrote had I listening to my elders 😀 But the real question now is “Who got offended worst and why”?

Talk about it or deny yourself self worth and a reason to be nice, or stay offended, the call is yours. But I know nobody will talk about this already, it’s so taboo it is untrue. Politics I did for a while HARD till it got boring, now I am asking Religion why it hates so much. Anyone wants to talk about this taboo subject, prove me wrong that adults can imagesactually debate without hate in their thinking. Already people think I hate by writing this, and right there is the irony to beat all irony. I pray every day but not to any Religion nor to any words in any book, my relationship with God is as stong and as real as anyone’s, but Religion won’t allow that thinking. Look to the right at some of the images on my side bar, this is how I think. I can only be offended should I choose to be offended, what about you? Can you walk past hate and intolerance that might be pointing at you? Like the song to the right “What is being wise?”

More love, less hate


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