Breaking: 400+ refugees ‘drown in Mediterranean’ – From Egypt to Italy




As a species we stand back and watch this horror whist many IDIOTS want to believe they are ALL ISIS Members. ISIS is a Global crisis paid for by you and I if our research is correct. Fear of ISIS does not exist in my culture nor country, we don’t get worried nor do we care, what will be, will be. But how many times will we watch images of dead/dying exposed and in trouble images of kids with their family? How can we look away, what makes us look away? Scotland has I think 4,000 refugee’s, because let’s face it they are not immigrants coming to new lands with a smile and a dream, no they are here to stay alive, JUST stay alive from ISIS. The sheer numbers is mind blowing that are coming over and dying, and mainly go unreported unless it’s a few hundred but this happens every day. Europe IS NOT LIVING IN FEAR OF ISIS. Fear is choice and because we have actually, mostly all lived (In recent years) through wars and worse close to us, like on our doorsteps, over here we don’t worry, BUT WE ARE HELPING. I only wish the cause of this monster would vote in Bernie Saunders, but that is impossible now. The story remains and 1 Country gets to live in false hope while the rest of us look after these poor people. After WWII and what happened to the Jews, RIGHTLY the World declared we would not stand back ever again and watch these things happen. Well done Earth! We blew it, we turned away and we know who is causing all this, yet we don’t point at them. I am of course pointing to a Government to the West, not people like like you or I. This is a snapshot of our World, our humility and humanity. Sorry one right? When this kid was picked up in the image to the left I really hoped that would help, it didn’t. We remain blissfully stupid and selfish. As always I will leave tweets from around the World below



Hundreds of refugees are feared to have drowned in the Meditteranean Sea after their boats capsized on the way to Europe, a Somali ambassador has said. More than 400 refugees are thought to have drowned, the Somali ambassador to Egypt told BBC Arabic. Reports say the refugees were fleeing to Italy from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea in four boats which were ill-equipped for the journey.



EU policymakers have been criticised of “killing by neglect” after they cut rescue missions in the Mediterranean.  The scaling back of search and rescue operations “created the conditions that led to massive loss of life,” according to a report.


Rescuers help people in the sea after a boat carring some 250 migrants crashed into rocks as they tried to enter the port of Pantelleria, an island off the southern coast of Italy, on April 13, 2011. A fishing boat which had sailed across the Medittarenean from Libya ran aground today on rocks on the tiny Italian island of Pantelleria, killing two women, the ANSA news agency reported. Italy is struggling to cope with a mass influx of immigrants from north Africa, many of whom risk their lives by sailing across the often stormy Medittaranean in makeshift vessels. AFP PHOTO/ Francesco Malavolta ==ITALY OUT== (Photo credit should read FRANCESCO MALAVOLTA/AFP/Getty Images)




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2 comments on “Breaking: 400+ refugees ‘drown in Mediterranean’ – From Egypt to Italy

  1. Shaunynews,

    This is off-topic. Your website seems relatively critical of the U.S., and I wanted to get the opinion of someone outside the U.S.

    Recently, Russian jets buzzed by an American navy ship in the Baltic Sea. There are many articles and videos of it. The American ship was reportedly in internation (not Russian) waters. It was reportedly some 70 miles from the Russian area of Kaliningrad.

    Because it was in international waters, the American view was that the Russians were wrong. My guess is that most Scots (and most Europeans) think America was wrong.

    Could you tell me your view and why America could be wrong?


    Liked by 1 person

    • Fair enough buddy…
      My Country gets Russian Jets coming over our waters EVERY DAY..Although now we are devolved it might stop. When American people (And MANY, TONS!! DO know this) understand that the actions of their Government and Bankers, basically corporate America, and he damage they do fiscally to the World, maybe you guys will get it. Old saying here “When the USA farts the World smells it” The Foreign policy of your Government won’t shift and a liar in Hillary Clinton will get the POTUS seat next and sadly for the other 95% of Humanity….We keep suffering. American people are not the problem my friend. Your media lie to you and for many other Religion keeps this AWFUL Muslim lie rolling along, helped by Hillary’s pal Trump. Most outside the USA ‘GET THAT STORY’ in terms of seeing it so visible…
      Corpotate America/Political America is a scar on our World..And I that is all I blog about my friend…
      And 100% respect for asking. Others just hate, some don’t…Not many actually ask, they just presume as they will…
      You are a very decent person in my book…Don’t stop asking questions …PLEASE!! Because you help the truth come out…Don’t stop!!

      Answer ok? Please, let me know.
      # Never in hate, always in debate..So thank you..

      Liked by 1 person

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