Planet X – CONFIRMED Sun out of Place, Earth Wobbling


Won’t come near us, but it’s gravity is ALREADY harming Earth and us all

On the back of this blog I did here NIbiru, Planet-X or Biblical Wormwood – It’s coming!! This year! – NASA have admitted it, Biblical Scripture tells of it, naming it Wormwood. 2 days ago I wanted to see where the Sun comes up and sets and from where I stand the Sun is rising where it wasn’t a year ago, it clearly comes over a house and inbetween a huge tree at this time of the year (I am a geek, I note these things) I ALWAYS sets over the Forth Road/Rail bridges heading north, It’s coming up on the other side of the tree, it’s setting now North of the bridges as it didn’t last year. Many all over our World who have 1,ooo’s of pounds/dollars worth of equipment are now proving this to the World. I ask you take a picture of the Sun with your Camera or Phone then turn that image into a negative, you will see ‘Something’. I took 1 of the images below and that was 3 years ago, now it’s bigger. The 2 video’s below are by superb American guys who I have listened to and watched for years, they flagged this a LONG time ago through their telescopes and now all people with decent equipment can see this. This is not good, PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR MORE EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES AND STRANGE HAPPENINGS IN THE COMING MONTHS as this ‘Something’ is starting to pull on our Earth. There were reports the Moon flipped then flipped back but that is very easy to fake unless you see it yourself. All I do know is, please just keep an eye on this one guys and gall’s. This is no conspiracy this time, this is the 9th Planet that we have been speaking about for 3,000 years now. Lets share when and what we can with each other. Note where the sun us coming up and going down and check it every few days to see if it’s changing as it is here. I will take photos over the next month and compare as I go. People will tell you these are ‘Sun Dogs’ or ‘Sun Spots’, they ain’t!










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WSO April 18 Updates – CONFIRMED Sun out of Place, Earth Wobbling
[VIDEO] Via: Steve Olson on You Tube


Nibiru visible during Timelapse of last Full Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Hyperlapse & HD Photos
[VIDEO] Via: LivingTheGoodLifeNow on You Tube


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