Trump: Transgender people can use whatever bathroom they want #OMG!!



No wonder Americans are leaving the Country in droves. I was browsing the Worlds biggest website & forum on Earth, American site and mostly American users, one user named Profusion Shared this story. And I will quote him below. I think this is another shocking comment by this Racist Billionaire who also mocked Disabled New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski , Trump who has a huge silent following, his support is VERY HIGH, and he is a real and present danger to our World. From Fascist Trump who thinks all Muslims are suspected ISIS, all 1.7 Billion Muslims on Earth, around 1/6th of Humanity, Earths populous, even though 1% of Muslims equates to only 16 MILLION Muslims, there are not 16 Million ISIS members or we would feel and see it badly or worse. Seriously American Trump voters, you need to educate yourself big time on this very dangerous man. EXAMPLE: I ask, would you be OK with a grown man following your 5 years old Daughters into a toilet? Because that is the disgusting part. I support #LGBT and helped FORCE my Scottish Government to allow gay people to marry in a Church, people power is needed here.


Trump: Transgender People Should Be Allowed to Use Bathroom of Their Choice
[VIDEO] Via American Beep on You Tube


Donald Trump’s “Tolerant” Transgender Comments Are BS
[VIDEO] Via American –  John Iadarola on You Tube

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Via American user Profusion: Via Above Top Secret

The idea of letting transgender people use whatever bathroom they want wouldn’t bother me if there was no such thing as rape and other similar crimes. A rapist could pretend to be a transgender person just to get access to a woman’s bathroom for guess what purpose…
Doesn’t anyone see the danger? What’s the standard for determining a real transgender person versus a pervert who just wants access to bathrooms that are for the opposite sex? That’s why transgender people shouldn’t be allowed in the wrong bathrooms.
How many rapes, molestations, and other crimes will it take before people come to their senses?

~~This FOOL has previous of course~~


Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist

Trump mocks Disabled people – Ignorant America, Muslims are NOT taking over

Donald Trump wants to “punish” women who have abortions – #Debate

This Video of Trump Reading “The Snake” is Going Viral in Europe

The Raw Stupidity of Donlad Trump – His support must be the same

~~The World mocks Trump~~

My leader had this to say about Trump, as did other Scottish party leaders

My leader had this to say about Trump, as did other Scottish party leaders

While here, this is how Scottish Political leaders, same as most of 1st World talk about Trump. This was a fun piece done as the Scottish General Elections are next Month. America, Trump will isolate Israel AND the USA from the World community. This is just fun Scottish TV by a guy with a TV show where he plays a Scottish military Tank commander Gary: Tank Commander Meets – Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale on many topics, real and fun



...America, you are sliding to hate

…America, you are sliding to hate




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One comment on “Trump: Transgender people can use whatever bathroom they want #OMG!!

  1. Yeah I think you are 100% correct Anne. Again I am am blogging about American Politics when I am 3 weeks away from possibly voting Scotland into freedom. Truly I see Trump as a crime waiting to set our World back to WWII practices and I am now 1 in a million, I am many in Billions within my thoughts. I know often or always when I meet a story, seldom my 1st thought is “What a load of Rubbish” even when people send me things and that happens a dozen+ times a day. The thing here is about actually knowing and understanding the story and more important where it could end up. Can you imagine Trump as POTUS? He would not just divide the USA as he has almost already done, he would also divide the World. Strange as it is Trump wants to stop giving Isreal money and that is a BIG REASON why I think we will be lucky (Irony, I know 😀 ) because if the USA stops funding/helping/Giving it War for $’s, Isreal would be destroyed and attacked very quickly without the USA’s protection. But look further into the story and you see the World is stepping away from the Dollar at a fast rate. Already foreign affairs in the USA has turned the World against, NOT THE PEOPLE…But 100% the Government. I agree with you and most other American’s when you say to me or whoever “It is hard to vote, there is no REAL good candidate to vote for”…

    Brings me back to this story here….Maybe why there is no vote or a hard vote? We can only hope it’s not true and rule it out over time….

    Well said!! You have my respect for that comment.. xx


    Thoughts? And Anne, I do know it’s A VERY HARD SELL…But do know it may come to my door too..I have been constant on this story and all I have said is happening. My friends who help me research, better bloggers and researchers than I have been good…Helped me understand how to extract logic from life..And most are American people.. Seriously

    I got a half hour in me… lol


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